X Scalper Review

The X Scalper is a forex robot developed by a certain Karl Dittman. As the name implies, it is supposed to be a forex robot which scalps pips from the market. From the sales page of the X Scalper, this software can trade any forex pair, and is able to help the trader to make big profits in the FX market. The software has been built to trade on the M1 and M5 timeframes, and for a fee of $147, is supposed to be able to produce an 83% win rate on forex accounts.

However, there are elements of this product which have brought it under intense scrutiny, and that is why we want to review it to see if the X Scalper is really a forex robot to trust or not to trust.

X Scalper: To Trust or Not to Trust?

After a thorough evaluation by our team, we have come to the conclusion that the X Scalper software is a product that cannot be trusted. Here are the reasons why we have come to this conclusion.

  1. Software Piracy

The X Scalper forex robot is one software that has been proven to be a copycat of another existing product, which Dittman also produced. In other words, Dittman has repackaged and is reselling one single indicator under different names. One really wonders what the intent is, if not to deceive gullible newcomers to this space. You see, the FX Atom Pro already has a stinky name in the industry as a scam product. So Karl Dittman simply rebranded it and is selling it under a new name, so anyone who tries to do a due diligence check on the X Scalper software will find no association with the FX Atom Pro. Well, this has been found out.

  1. Fictitious Identity

Who is Karl Dittman? Well, we can tell you that there is no human being by that name, as it is simply an acronym for a non-existent character. You see, those behind these scams know they will eventually be found out. So a popular mechanism by which they operate is by hiding behind fake names. There is no face to this name. A search on Google and across social media pages will show no history or face attached to Karl Dittman. So we can conclude that this is another attempt at deception so sell a fake product.

To prove this, we were able to get this information from the Disclaimer page on the X Scalper website. Take a look at the underlined sentence.

X Scalper Review

What more needs to be said?

  1. Fake Results and Testimonials

How does it feel to be sold on something with a faulty foundation? This is what we get with X Scalper. The site does not show one single instance of a verifiable profitable trade. Instead, what is presented is a myriad of charts showing tops and bottoms, mostly derived from hindsight. Also, the site is littered with fake testimonials. None of the testimonials on that page comes from a real user of the system. Efforts made by our team to verify them met a brick wall.

Conclusion: X Scalper is a Software Not to Trust

The conclusion is simple: X Scalper cannot be trusted. The evidence is overwhelming, and it shows a pattern of lies, deception and cover-ups. If you want to be scammed, then you can go ahead to pay $147 for the software. But if you don’t want to fall victim to another software that cannot be trusted, then do not purchase X Scalper. It will do you no good.

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