There’s a new version of Volatility Factor – Volatility Factor 2.0 pro. By going to the website you can see an impressive, beautiful and long presentation of the product. The inscription on the box says that for 17 years the robot was able to prove the ability to generate profits. A little lower we see that the program has a 6 year continuous series of victories. The developers offer us to purchase a robot at a special price of $ 287 with the already included 60 dollar discount.

Among the advantages claimed by the seller, it should be noted: Broker spy module, advanced time management system, a new set of filters, reduced risk, and trading in four currency pairs. According to the presentation Volatility Factor did +62,000 pips, Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO +107,000 pips.

The broker spy module is emphasized as an innovative addition that allows you to identify unethical brokers.

The forex robot offers the opportunity to work with three risks: low (1.5%), medium (2.5%) and high (5%).

volatility factor website

There are some charts of the performing of Volatility Factor. The results are completely great and trading was so smooth and predictable. The robot works with any MT4 or NFA-Regulated Brokers. Volatility Factor 2.0 is fully compliant with U.S. currency trading rules and regulations.

The company offers some extended options like the No-Questions-Asked 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee term and one live and unlimited demo accounts at the same time.

Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro: To Trust or Not to Trust?

For now, we would like to say that mostly yes than no. The presentation completely great, everything’s explained very well. The fx robot includes some cool futures. It’s time to look at its live performing.

Having visited the official page on myfxbook of the robot’s trade, we see that he will tamper with the same diseases as many before him. The robot trades well for a couple of years, after which it is not only useless but also harmful.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

Checking the chart we have noticed that patterns don’t work anymore. Do you need a robot who will lose you money 2 years in a row? 

The answer is obvious. As we have noted earlier, the life of the robot is 2 years, then it is not profitable for its developers to maintain it in working condition, due to the fact that sales of this robot are falling, and people must be kept on staff: programmers, support. It is much more profitable to “update” the robot so that it starts to show poor results, meanwhile investing in the advertisement for a “new, unique” robot.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

About a year ago, several new robots have been deployed, with focusing on 2 currency pairs each. How you can see, two of them show very weak results have made 10.93% and 17.24% gain in almost the year trading period. The second account in the list rose to 77.56% but… it’s still so far from what we’ve noticed checking performing the original account, where the result from about a year period has been +500% gain.

Bad trading results

The main robot account (live) is a demo one, and uses Alpari as a brokerage company, running on MetaTrader 4.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

 During checking the info, you can think that maybe I should try it, but as soon as you take a look at drawdowns (51.77%) and on the next chart everything should be clear for you.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

Selling the robot its developers told us nothing about why they run several accounts, why on the new ones there little but gain, meanwhile the main one gets loses, how about updating the main one in order to improve its performing, etc. There are many questions but no answers. 

We can tell you that the main account performed 6265 trades and 74% of them have been successful, but it’s meaningless because all the success has been before the mid of the 2017 year.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

Looking at the data on the charts of 2018-2019 years performing we have just one question, how you want to sell the robot who trades like this?

It’s clear for us with the main account performing.

Let’s choose the best from the rest and analyze it.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

The account runs on the demo, uses IC MArkets trader, and Meta Trader 4.

The robot trades smoothly enough but got just +77.56% of gain since January 2019. Daily gain is 0,19%, monthly one is 5,81%. According to our experience, this result is worse than average as for automated trading and don’t forget it’s the best one.

The robot did 537 trades, won 79% of shorts and 80% of longs.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

The risks are too high. 30% of losing the account it’s just 47 losing trades.

High Drawdowns

The main account drawdowns we have shown earlier. 

Drawdowns between accounts wise different too: from 13.67% to 58.22% depend on currency pairs it trades.

Enough level of Transparency

The account has high enough level of transparency showing a lot of statistics.

volatility factor pro myfxbook

volatility factor pro myfxbook

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Forex Robot Review team thinks that if you’re going to buy it, first of all, you should ask the seller about the different levels of performing between accounts. It looks like the previous product Volatility Factor 2.0 they stopped supporting, so, where’s a warranty that you won’t face this kinda problem when you run the robot for a year or about it. Even if we talk about the Pro version of the program the robot got nothing gains on the 4 currency pairs during almost a year: 10% on GBP/USD & USD/JPY account, 17% on EUR/USD + GBP/USD and 77% on EUR/USD USD/JPY.

We’ve started the article from the info from the presentation that there are “17 years of success” and “6 years continuous series of victories”, so, the both statements so far from true. If “17 and 6 years” results were true we wouldn’t see Volatility Factor 2.0 Live results where during two years the account loss from 800% to 677% of the balance.

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  1. Now FX Automater, the company which created the Volatility Factor software, has blocked me from buying the update. They are obviously retaliating for me drawing attention to the fact that they are ripping off their existing users by charging them for the update which should be free. I would stay away from this company. They are not trustworthy whatsoever.