Trillionaire EA Review

The Trillionaire Expert Advisor (EA) is a forex trading robot which comes with a very huge promise of being able to turn $100 to $10,000,000 within a year. Wow! How about that? Ten million dollars from a hundred dollars is a pretty wild claim. But the creators if the Trillionaire EA did not stop there. They also claimed that the robot can make decisions and trade on its own 24/7 according to certain specifications built into the system. It is built on the Meta trader 4 (MT4) platform, which is widely used by retail forex traders. With a monthly growth of 100% to 1,000% and about 30 currency pairs, the Trillionaire EA is therefore said to be the best EA on the MT4 platform.

Trillionaire EA

The chart provided on the vendor website shows positive outcome. But are these claims really true? A number of forex traders have raised germane questions and concerns over the EA and the claims surrounding it. But the most important questions are: Can the Trillionaire EA make one a trillionaire? Is it a software to trust or not to trust?

Trillionaire EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

This EA looks like a money machine from all the marketing script. But can you trust the Trillionaire EA? At the moment, there are no straight answers to the questions raised because the veracity of the vendor’s claims are yet to be ascertained. However, there are indications that these claims are obviously mendacious.

These indications are:

  • Vendor Inconsistency

  • Scam Labels by Forex Traders

  • Unreasonable Price Tag

Let us look at these indications in details:

Misleading Claims by the Vendor

Trillionaire EA

One of the claims made by the creators of the Trillionaire EA is that it averages 50 trade sessions per day. But, the vendor’s Myfxbook account above shows that the EA traded only 97 times in a whole month. 97 trades in a month can never equate to 50 trade sessions in a day. The claims are therefore misleading to say the least.

Scam Labels

Many reviewers have labelled the Trillionaire EA as a scam. This reviewer on claims to have used the EA and that it trades well on demo account and not on real accounts. He also claims that the EA is same as another free EA found on the web.

Many reviewers on calls it a big scam while a reviewer links it with another EA suggesting that it was pirated.

Unreasonable Price Tag

The price tag for this EA is:

  • $1,950 for the single currency pair version

  • $2,950 for the two-currency version

  • $12,475 for the 30-currency pair version which is yet to be released but available on pre-order.

These prices make the Trillionaire EA one of the most expensive forex robots in the market today. These prices are quite outrageous, it must be said. How on earth does anyone come up with as much as $12, 475 for an expert advisor without sufficient proof that such a product will actually work? One trader argued that if the software actually works, then there would be no need to sell it. The best bet would have probably been to replicate the EA on several accounts and just trade away with it, the same trader argued. We cannot agree with him more.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

There are no convincing reasons to buy or trust this EA. The Trillionaire EA is a forex robot not to trust. The vendors are inconsistent and have been branded as scammers by many forex traders and reviewers. The outrageous cost raises another concern why a vendor will tag the price of a perfect product beyond the reach of many forex traders. If it truly works, why not reduce the price so everyone can afford it, then you’ll make more sales and use the product to actually become a Trillionaire.

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