tricky twisterIn this review, we will tell you about the TRICKY TWISTER robot from Argolab. Going to the manufacturer’s website, we see a simple presentation and some links to myfxbook account.

Tricky Twister FX: To Trust Or Not To Trust?

According to devs’ explanation: “Tricky Twister Fx is a 2-in-1 EA that combines two complementary strategies. One of them takes its profits when the market is trending, whereas the second one takes profits when the market is ranging. As a result, forex EA is capable of bringing continuous profit practically in all market conditions.”

Breakout is the first strategy. It allows traders to place trades between trends to get profit when the market goes in the needed direction. This strategy works best in the trending market.

The Range strategy allows setting trades to get profit when the market starts recovering. “…this strategy uses a variety of the grid martingale algorithm. As compared to much other grid martingale EAs, this strategy can be considered as a conservative one, since (i) the first grid level is placed when the price is already far away from its moving average and (ii) increase of the volume of the trades is relatively slow,” devs explained.

Bad trading results

Almost every account of Tricky Twister has been stopped 2-3-5 years ago. It means the forex robot is not a brand-new one at all.

tricky twister myfxbook

Let’s take a look at the last real one.

The robot has been running on the real USD Cent account for almost two years, using RoboForex as a brokerage company, 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The results of its performing are very low. During the period account gained just +15.53%. The daily gain is 0.02%, monthly one is 0.61% with 100%(!) of DDs.

The account has been withdrawn for $3600. Looks not solid, because it’d be not so big money for devs.

tricky twister myfxbook

During the 2019 year, the robot managed to lose -0.2% of the account and -$196 profit having traded 3091 pips.

tricky twister statistics

There’ve performed 884 trades with 3604 pips. The longs won rate is 68%, the shorts is 62%. The average trade length is four days. The profit factor is very low and equals 1.05.

tricky twister currency pairs

Tricky twister trades many currency pairs, where 10-11 of them are the most tradeable ones. 

tricky twister risk

Even with trading with high risk as that the robot couldn’t manage to be highly profitable. Usually, if robots trade with this risk there’s an annual gain equals over 200%.

tricky twister monthly gain

The robot can’t be profitable every month, as well as, there have been traded just 8 months from 12.

Not worth the money

Tricky Twister costs $150 with no money-back guarantee. 

The devs provide manuals about how to get started and set up the robot. There are several links on the other robots of them like Easy Walker FX, Forex Warrior, etc.


Tricky Twister proved that it can’t be profitable. Looking and its performing you understand that there’s no great patterns, strategies, and the devs stopped supporting it, providing no updates. The devs don’t want to entrust their money to Tricky Twister, why should we?

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