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The introduction of robots in the forex trade has made things easy. Trading manager pro is one of these platforms that have taken the venture by storm. The good thing about trading robots is the imitation ability. It can analyze and strategize much information about the EA’s. The platform has an auto default setting that enables traders to incorporate their own strategies as  they trade. What’s more, it is developed and operated by experienced forex traders. It has incorporated some of the best EA’s, Spartan Bolt EA, Delton pro-EA, and Sniper Suite EA settings. The platform has undergone several updates to take into account the new emerging trends.

Trading Manager Pro: To Trust Or Not To Trust

The platform has undergone several changes to be where it is today. With, the trading manager pro-robot, you are able to relax and engage in other investments as it takes care of your forex trading. You will have more flexibility and time. The forex robot has an intelligent backing, which strategizes, tests, and incorporates new trading techniques to minimize losses. Simple to operate with no limitation on profit withdraws.


  • An interface which is simple attractive
  • Has a strong backing strategy
  • The trading and operation is a click away
  • Incorporates both full and semi-automated trading
  • Has both price action and filtering indicators
  • Self-set charting tab


It is simple and easy to operate the tool. It has very low drawdown i.e. low dollars, therefore, making it an easy option. It does not require a lot of technical expertise; you can install it very easily. When it comes to consistency and risk management, the robot does it exceptionally. The semi-auto default, there is no limit on the amount you can invest. One setback though, any loss that might arise as you trade with the robot are not covered.

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Another good thing the team behind the fx robot is readily available to offer installation support free. However, its installation is very simple for a  person with basic experience on EA’s. Whether you are experienced or not, you can install and operate it.

What it can do

  • Technical analysis of the market
  • Market forecast and updates Financial management
  • Placing, selling and closing orders
  • The following currencies are applicable; EURUSD, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, EURJPY, and GBPUSD
  • It has been tested and can offer stable profit on both advanced and default settings

Types of Membership

There are four types of membership accounts

  • Starter – comprising of a demo and live account, full automatic, 24/5 customer support and free installation. Normal price 1199 dollars
  • Standard – Has the same features as the starter membership. Normal price 1999 dollars
  • Platinum – price 3199 dollars, 2 demo accounts, 5 live accounts, full automatic, free installation and unlimited free updates the rest same as standard.
  • Professional – price 2599 dollars, 1 demo account, 3 live accounts, the rest same as starter and standard.

Benefits & advantages

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Offers flexible trading options with minimized chances of loss
  • Easy to use and a reliable customer support
  • Powerfully backed trading strategies, self-regulatory i.e. has a limiting sell inbuilt function to control the transaction

The emotional part is not there which is good for business advancement. People sometimes become indecisive when faced with enormous and challenging decisions to make. Since the robot does almost everything, no task or decision will be left unimplemented.


  • Takes no loss responsibility High price
  • Complicated installment process for a newbie


There is an overwhelming support and evidence that Trading Manager Pro robot has been tested and worked. Based on the facts, I can confidently give it a pass mark. The charts and customer reviews affirm my assessment.

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