Traders Academy Club Review

Traders Academy Club is a forex trading signal service that offers an educational facility, an online community, as well as a host of other forex trading services. Vladimir Ribakov, a professional trader, lead the company’s development.

Users who are registered to the club are given access to live trading sessions two times a day. During trading sessions, members can watch and follow the analysis of advanced traders in real time. Users are required to pay $97 a year to join the club.

Paying the fee will see Traders Academy Club members provided access to online trading, 60-day money back guarantee, offered access to trading tools, videos, beginner’s guides, and eBooks. Live trading sessions are held twice each day, Monday to Friday, in a bid to equip traders with the necessary information on when to buy and sell as well as teach them the reasoning behind each trading signal. The live trading webinars last around 30 to 50 minutes each.

Users are also offered access to a live chat room where they can communicate with other traders, including Vladimir himself. If you want to know the reasons behind every trading strategy, the Daily Markets Analytics will help with that. In many ways, Traders Academy Club claims to give you the opportunity to learn about the markets and strategize your trading approach.

However, for all that Traders Academy Club represents, it is common knowledge that online forex fraud is a growing problem in the industry. This causes trust issues among traders. So, it does not come to us as a surprise when potential users inquire whether Traders Academy Club is part of the problem or the solution.

Traders Academy Club: To Trust or Not to Trust?

While it cannot be denied that Vladimir’s product is a valuable source of forex education for traders, some of the practices adopted by his company leave more questions than answers. These include:

  1. Fake reviews

Traders Academy Club usually prides itself as a trusted website. However, a closer look at the reviews on suggests they are not genuine. Followers have observed that the reviews on the site all come across as being posted by a single individual, as they are written in the same style. Another feature that characterizes most of the reviews is that people bearing English names post the reviews, yet, they are filled with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, which indicate that they may originate from non-English speaking countries.

  1. Fee is auto-charged

The annual fee of $97 paid by Traders Academy Club members is automatically charged without their permission.

  1. Bad Offshore Regulation

The Traders Academy Club domain is registered in Panama: Panama has a reputation as a less well-regulated jurisdiction. This makes it a haven for dubious companies. Traders Academy Club operating from this questionable base is great cause for concern.

  1. Bad Trading Results

The results of this group show that trades are not profitable. Here’s a real account showcasing the trade results below:

Traders Academy Club

We can see clearly that the trade outcomes show a precipitous slump in profits and even loss of account capital. Why would anyone pay close to $100 a month for such performance?

Conclusion: Traders Academy Club is Not to Be Trusted

This review establishes that Traders Academy Club is not trustworthy. The organization engages in questionable practices that may set your trading aspirations back over the long term. The trade results are also very poor, and the attempts by this group to cover up results with fake reviews are simply not acceptable. On these counts, we can say that Traders Academy Club is not to be trusted.

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