the wave scalperThe next robot in our review series was The Wave Scalper developed by Leapfx. This company has a lot of trading robots in their portfolio. How does this robot differ from others and does it have any advantages over robots of the same class from other developers? In this review, we’re going to figure it out.

The Wave Scalper

So… It’s everything you can find on The Wave Scalper’s page. Okay… Not so much. The screaming headline and the same abstract, and there are no links. Googled and made some researches we’ve found out two company’s accounts on myfxbook: Leapfx and forexGBPAvenger.

The Wave Scalper: To Trust or Not to Trust?

No, you shouldn’t. If you have to google trade results of a forex robot you want instead of finding them in the official presentation it’s the first call that you’ll be screwed. 

Mid trade results

The first account is all about Arvitron performing.

the wave scalper mid trade results

We keep it for the next review.

The second one includes a lot of strategies by applying WS patterns.

the wave scalper chart

Let’s peek WS-all Pair. This one looks closer to what people can get from “the box”.

the wave scalper myfxbook

As you can see, the account has been deployed in July 2019 and still working. For the five months, it gained +170%, showing 25% of the monthly gain. It’s a kinda good result.

the wave scalper myfxbook

During the period, there have been performed 556 deals and 2168 pips, where 72% of them were won. The average trade length is about 5 hours.

October’s 2019 results look like.

the wave scalper results

As we can see, the fx robot traded practically six currency pairs. 

the wave scalper currency pairs

The Wave Scalper works with high-risks, which’s proven from the spread-sheet. 

Very high level of Drawdowns

Drawdowns are almost 48%. 

the wave scalper drawdowns

Lack  of Transparency

You can see from the screenshot that a lot of data has been hidden from visitors.

the wave scalper data

the wave scalper data

Lack of proving data always drives to doubts. 

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We were suggested by from 100% to 700% of profit with safe risk. There’s no save risk on the account which has gained 168% for 5 months. The account runs with high risks. Running the account with the save risk level brings you less than 100% of annually gain. 

After all, we think The Wave Scalper manages to find its clients. We’d like you to make a final decision about trying the robot.

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