The Robin VOL 3 Forex Robot Review

BackgroundThe developer of the Robin Vol portfolio of EAs and related trading tools is a software design team called Open Sistemas, but frequently uses the name fmonera (Fernando Monera) on many forums that reference the robot. They are based in Spain and can be reached via the emails, or . All though the robot advertiser does not provide the telephone number to directly contact the team, the developer (Open Sistemas) has listed the telephone number +34902107396 on their main website.Robin Trading Hub Portfolio of productsThe Robin Trading Hub has a variety of trading tools under their portfolio and the advertiser markets them as highly intelligent, well tested and capable of using advanced market analysis techniques in order to refine the trading strategies and to provide accurate signals.The three main products are
  • Robin VOL EA โ€“ A forex expert advisor that is meant to run on Metatrader.
  • Robin Watchdog โ€“ A monitoring solution for Metatrader users to get raw transaction data from the market.
  • Robin Trading Signals โ€“ Signals provided through risk controls, correlation analysis and market adaptation.
Robin VOL EAIn this review, we will focus more on the Robin VOL EA, which is actually referred to as the core product from the Robin Trading Hub. Essentially, this robot is supposed to use a variety of undisclosed technical strategies but regardless of which is chosen, the robot is required to deliver consistent profits in both high risk trading parameters and low risk trading parameters. It can in that sense be deployed to trade within more than one configuration at the same time, helping it better interpret market data and automatically select the optimal trading opportunities.RobinVol3 product summary
  • Type: Expert Advisor
  • Strategy: Technical (Breakouts and Retracement)
  • Price: $395 per year
  • Timeframe: 15 Min (recommended)
 RobinVOL 3 PerformanceThe RobinVOL 3 has been linked to two real MyFXBook accounts that display how the system performs under High Risk and another under normal trading risk parameters (Official). These are all under Fernando Moneras account profile. By the time of observation on March 06th 2018, the High risk account had a gain of +43.92% and a drawdown of 55.97% but it is apparent that the account has not been active since late 2017. The account shows that the system keeps drawdowns at a high level compared to the gains for prolonged spells and this will not auger well with you if you are looking for consistent and reliable profits.The official account shows that there are lower overall gains at 17.43% and a drawdown of 18.63% over the two and a half years or so that the account has been monitored. This are relatively low drawdowns compared to the high risk account but the gains are still not attractive enough to justify the need to buy the system for $395 per year. It would mean that you lose a relatively high number of pips for a certain amount of pips you gain. ConclusionThe developers of the Robin Vol 3 are getting things right where the analysis of the market data is concerned but the returns that are expected are too little for you to depend on this robot if you are a career day trader. The official account shows that you may get stable returns over a prolonged period but it is not high enough to give the huge profits you may be expecting after following all the hype about this EA.

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