Sniper Suite EA Review

The Sniper Suite EA is a forex robot built for the MT4 and the MT5 trading platform. The vendors claim to have perfectly tested this robot right from 2001 and it produced excellent results. The EA promises 3-5% profit monthly for each currency pair and 30-50% if ten currency pairs are used. The robot trades all currency pairs and all timeframes. They provide different accounts to prove the profitability of this robot. The back tests generally ran from 2001 to 2016.

The EA comes in three plans.
  • Basic plan sells for $597 which includes the basic EA system with one real account MT4 and MT5 licence.
  • Ultimate plan sells for $997 which includes the Ultimate EA system with one real MT4 licence.
  • Combo plan sells for $1,599 which includes both the Basic and Ultimate EA systems and 5 real account licences.

All plans come with unlimited demo accounts, vendor support and updates. The vendor explains that the basic version has higher drawdown and lower profit potential that the Ultimate version.

The major questions are these: for such a costly price, is the Sniper Suite EA worth buying? Can this EA be trusted?

Sniper Suite EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

There are some irregularities found with this robot and its vendors. These have generated doubts as regards the intentions of the vendors. Some of the problems identified with the robot include:

  • Unverified Trading Results

  • Vendor Identity

  • Negative Reviews

  • Vendor Scamming Tendency

Unverified Trading Results

The five myfxbook accounts presented on the vendor website are all back tests. Most of the tests ended in September 2016. There are no verified real money trading accounts featuring the Sniper Suite EA. The current trading accounts provided are from, which is not a reliable third party source of forex trading account analysis.

Vendor Identity

Due to a website programming error, a button on the website showed “buy deltonprobas”. Forex robot reviewers and traders were quick to pick the source (before it was removed). The Sniper Suite EA was immediately linked to Jeremy Delton, the developer of “Delton Pro EA”. But in Delton Pro EA, he provides his full office address, phone numbers and even other staff identities. Why will he be anonymous in the Sniper Suite EA?

Negative Reviews

Most reviewers believe that this robot is a repackaged “Delton Pro EA” which already has lots of negative reviews. A reviewer on gave the Sniper Suite EA a negative review.

Vendor Scamming Tendency

The Sniper Suite EA is obviously a repackaged EA version of Jeremy Delton’s Delton Pro EA, which sells in two packages. The Gold Package is $1,599 and Platinum Package sells for $4,599. The Delton Pro website is professionally developed and features full identities. Forex traders believe that he repackaged the same robot as Sniper Suite EA and cut the prices to target a new set of prospects. The Delton Pro is perceived in many quarters as being overpriced, and also has the stain of being a junk EA which does not work. Rather than improve the EA, Delton decided to toe the line of forex EA scammers by hiding his identity, using a one-page cheap website and producing fake testimonials. These are all signs that the Sniper Suite EA is not genuine.

Conclusion: The Sniper Suite EA is Not to be Trusted

The Sniper Suite EA is a well crafted scam by Jeremy Delton and his cohorts. This robot cannot be trusted to deliver on its promises. There are no verified trading accounts and no positive user testimonials. Please, avoid this robot.

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