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In the series of our articles about trading robots, we suggest you consider the work of Smart Forex Trading EA.

Let’s see what its developers offer us. The key advantage on which they focus our attention is the ability to earn money no matter how the market behaves. Also, they promise 24/7 support. A little bit below in the presentation we see a list of highly recommended brokers. This offer looks a bit strange, as it raises doubts among people about whether the trading robot will work with other brokers correctly.

Having reached the prices, it should be noted that the robot is far from cheap. Three types of subscriptions are offered: monthly for $200, annual for $500, and lifetime for $1000.

The presentation ends with some kind of review from non-name persons without photos and links to their Facebook page, so you can safely ignore it. Who are they? No one knows.

Smart Forex Trading: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The presentation looks ok, as well as, the price a little bit high, but everything depends of how it performs on the real account.

Good trading results

Smart Forex Trading EA has been running since mid of January 2019.

smart forex trading ea fxblue chart

During the period it could rise account balance to $488170 from $39100 deposit. We’d like to say these results are Incredibles. The total return is 3829.8%, monthly one 44.1%, weekly 9.1%. For the period the Smart Forex Trading robot usually completes one trade per day, trade wins percentage is 78.2% which is so high.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

High results according to the monthly returning table. 

smart forex trading ea fxblue

The robot trades with an average risk of 5% (if an average win is $2343). The common trade length is 13 days.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

As you can see there starts a period from August 2019 where the number of losses started growing from 5 to about 40 in September 2019.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

You may notice a very interesting detail of the patterns of this robot. It stands on the fact that the vast majority of transactions that benefit was buying. For example, 155 buying transactions brought in $441,786 profit, while 143 sales transactions brought in just only $104,182. The difference is 4 times. Thus, perhaps you should make adjustments to the work of the robot regarding sales transactions.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

This transaction data should help you in this analysis.

Low level of Drawdowns

It looks like something impossible but it’s real. Peak drawdown is just 0.1%. 

High level of Transparency

You can spend hours to look through all the available data. Every needed info is available not only to check but and export as well.

According to the chart, the most money has been done trading two currency pairs.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

Trading the AUD/USD pair gave $110,843 gross profit.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

Trading the EUR/USD pair gave $57412 gross profit.

smart forex trading ea fxblue

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We like Smart Forex Trading performing especially on AUD/USD and EUR/USD pairs. Checking all that data you may have to notice that $200 to try this robot is not such a big money. We have got the same thought too.