Set Forget Pattern Profit Review

The Set and Forget Pattern Profit robot is a forex robot which enables the trader to perform profitable trade entries without having to sit in front of a computer, monitoring charts all day long. Essentially, this is supposed to be a “set and forget” indicator.

Set Forget Pattern Profit: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Due to the multiplicity of forex robot scams in the market, many traders want to know if the next robot they will purchase is one they can trust. Set Forget Pattern Profit is not an exception. So is this a software to trust, or is just like one of the numerous other software that cannot be trusted?

We looked at this software critically using several performance metrics and we ended up being disappointed. Alas, it is a software not to trust. Here is why we distrust the Set Forget Pattern Profit system.

  1. Poor Profitability Performance

We took a look at the Myfxbook performance charts for the Set Forget Pattern Profit system, and we found out that it was losing money. Yes, the losses were not as bad as some of the software we have reviewed on this page, but a loss is a loss. Whether losses incurred amount to $1 or $10,000, a system that does not make money is unusable.

Set Forget Pattern Profit

This performance chart on a Euro account says it all. We can see that the loss incurred on this account was 11.16%. This system only went positive by 0.33% in the entire trading period under review, which is very poor indeed.

  1. Shady Operator(s)

An investigation into the origins of this system shows it to be the brainchild of the pseudonymous character known as Karl Dittman. This name needs no introduction in the world of forex robot scams, as Dittman’s name has come up every time a search for a robot scam is made.

The fact is that there is no one named Karl Dittman; this is a pseudonym that is used by the same guys who are behind Infinity Scalper, Forex Auto Pro and similar software which have been exposed as scams. We can boldly say that if this is a Dittman product, then it is likely to be a scam.

  1. Lack of Genuine Reviews

There are no authentic reviews for this product, which shows that it is highly unpopular. Even page ranking stats have indicated that the website does not have a lot of traffic. This is not surprising, as Karl Dittman is notorious for repackaging his products and selling them under new names. Perhaps people have caught on to his gimmick and have stayed away. All you will probably see is just some fake reviews on the sales page, apparently put there by paid reviewers.

Conclusion: Set Forget Pattern Profit Cannot be Trusted

On the basis of our findings above, it is clear that the Set Forget Pattern Profit indicator cannot be trusted to do all its vendor claims it can do. Firstly, the images on the sales page are eerily similar to other sales pages marketed by Karl Dittman, so it is hard not to believe that Dittman simply used one set of images for all his sites. Secondly, there is no proof of profitability as provided by Dittman. Rather, we were able to get Myfxbook results which proved that the indicator actually loses money. Good a thing the vendors did not scrub this page (some unscrupulous vendors delete trade history on Myfxbook to cover up their losses).

The lack of any reviews that positively support this software and back up the performances boasted of in the sales page also shows that prospects do not consider it very wise to pay $87 for such a software. So forget about Set Forget Pattern Profit: it cannot be trusted.

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