Securza fx forex robot is a fully automated forex expert advisor (EA) that promises a monthly profit of 60%. The vendors say that the EA works on six currency pairs and that the average trade duration is more than three hours. The following quote is from their website;

Our main goal is to be totally transparent and to show you our real account results. The standalone trading logic of Securza FX Metatrader 4 forex robot works extremely profitable under every market conditions and at every brokerage”.

They claim that they have nothing to hide and showed two real accounts from myfxbook and fxblue. The modus operandi of this robot is not stated but rather, there is much stress on high profits with low risks.

The EA sells for $199 for a single licence and $269 for a double licence. Each purchase comes with a detailed user manual, free updates and full time support.

The main question is this: Can we trust and recommend the Sercurza fx robot?

Securza Fx Robot: To trust or Not to Trust?

In as much as the vendors sound genuine and sincere, there are some problems with their strategy and presentation. Some of them are:

  • Overhyping of the robot

  • Unavailable trading history

  • Trading Results

Here is some detailed analysis of the issues raised.

  1. Excessive Hype

There is a lot of hype about this product on the website; so much so that is starts to look a bit desperate on the part of the vendors to sell their product. For example, prospects are adviced to hurry with the purchase as only 32 copies are left. They claim that they have no demo account, only 100% verified results. Asserting that Securza fx robot is extremely profitable under every market condition is way beyond boundaries. Their whole approach sounds like a marketing strategy to sell a product. If they are 100% sure that their product will make profit on every account, given any market condition, then, why sounding desperate to get people to buy their robot? Besides, there is no provision for a free trying period to ascertain the veracity of their claims before actually purchasing the robot. This is a major turnoff to most forex traders.

  1. Incomplete Trading History

Though the vendors actually maintain myfxbook and fxblue accounts, the full trading history of this EA is unavailable. This makes a full analysis very difficult. Coming from a vendor that preaches transparency is a bit worrisome. Both the fxblue account and the myfxbook accounts provided on the vendor website were last updated in January 2018. But, they are still selling the EA even without recent performance proofs.

  1. Unprofitable Trading Results

The charts below show the Myfxbook results for Securza Fx Robot. The results are realy very bad and fall far below the hype attributed to this EA. Claiming that the EA performs in every market condition yielding a profit of 60% when the presented proof shows otherwise is an indication that the vendors of this product are insincere.

The chart shows very clearly that the EA sustained a total loss of capital in just two months after an initial profit gain of up to 200% of the account size. This is quite an awful performance.

Conclusion: Securza FX is Not to Be Trusted

It is obvious that the vendors of this product use marketing gimmicks to hype this robot even when they have no real proof to show for it. They sound like scammers who are so desperate to make a sale. So, Securza fx forex Robot cannot be trusted and therefore not recommended.

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