Saad Scalper is a forex robot built for the MT4 trading platform. The vendor says that “it handles two strategies at once with its unique style in order to make trades profitable”. It scalps pips through its powerful entry strategy. It reduces drawdown using the “Pending Order Martingale” and also uses “Market Order Martingale.” With this strategy, traders have to be very careful because it has high risk reward potential and can as quickly blow any account.

The vendor of this product is identified as “Adnan Igbal” who lives in the United Arab Emirates. The EA does not have its own website, rather it is available on which features an active forum of MT4 and MT5 developers and traders. He provided some explanations of the strategies and how to configure some parameters. Adnan Igbal also have other robots for sale on the same platform.

The robot trades multiple currency pairs at the same time but works best on six pairs; (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDCAD and AUDUSD). The best timeframes for the EA is M1 and M5 timeframes. The EA is available for free download and use.

Though it’s free of charge, the questions are: how efficient is this robot? Is it reliable? Can we trust the Saad Scalper EA?

Saad Scalper: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We subjected this EA to thorough scrutiny and came to the conclusion that this product is not to be trusted. Let us consider the following issues found with this EA:

  • Poor Trading Results

  • Negative User Reviews

  • Trading Has Been Stopped

  1. Poor Trading Results

To prove the profitability of this EA with many currency pairs, the vendor provided lots of screenshots showing how the robot faired with the market. But we found this to be utterly fake and not trustworthy. This is because we dug into Myfxbook and saw some instances where this robot was used to trade on various brokerage accounts. Of the 5 accounts seen, only one showed a 23% gain. The rest were all in loss position. See a sample of this software in a losing position:

Before the EA crashed and burned this account, notice that it hardly ever got off the ground in profitability, proven by the plateau in the graph before the steep crash. What a joke of an EA!

  1. Negative User Reviews

Since the robot utilizes a high risk martingale strategy, very many traders who tried out this EA did so, on a demo account. We already know that this EA was developed by Adnan Igbal who also has other paid robots where he focuses he focuses on. So, providing support for the free Saad Scalper EA is almost impossible.

The EA may be free, but then, you may have heard the saying: you get what you pay for. What good does a free robot do if it does not make money? Many traders could not set up or customize this robot and couldn’t get quality help. So, there were bad reviews.

  1. No Current Trading

The last trading results provided by the vendor was three years ago. The market changes frequently and updates are important. For the Saad Scalper EA, there is no evidence of current trading as the Vendor seems to have moved to his other robots which he sells. So, downloading this robot now is highly discouraged as it has not been updated for the current market.

Conclusion: Saad Scalper is Not to Be Trusted

The Saad Scalper is a free forex robot that uses the very risky Martingale system. It is not properly supported as it is developed by one man who has other paid robots. The trading results provided cannot be verified and users were not satisfied with the product. Please, avoid the robot as it cannot be trusted.

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