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Acquaintance with RoFx Trading System

When I first found RoFx with robotic trading tools, it drew my attention right away. Do you wonder why? This was due to quite a number of reasons.

Firstly, RoFx claims to require no trading experience at all. Apart from that, there was a wide range of other attractive advantages. After my closer acquaintance with the system, I’d like to share what I’ve found out with you. So I’m here writing this review.

This AI-based platform announces quite straightforwardly that no more than every hundredth beginner profits from his or her first trade. Luckily, the automated tools offered by can help you avoid such failed efforts and start earning money immediately.

Actually, you do not even have to do any trading yourself, as this is what the sophisticated software is meant for.

Besides, the platform enables its users achieve a high level of consistency by using the trading plan RoFx offers. The latter is based on a combination of machine learning algorithms with human traders’ experience. Taken all together, this provides a positive hands-free experience.

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Detailed Analysis of RoFx Platform

So, after having studied what the platform offers, I’ve decided to give it a try and register an account. As soon as I did, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few helpful reports. They reflected clearly all the details of the transactions conducted.

Among all the packages offered, I’ve decided to choose the Moneymaker. I’ve analyzed the earning prospects and understood the following. What sets Moneymaker from other options is a larger share in the daily profits along with a lower performance fee.

I became a RoFx member two years ago – in 2017. I bought my first package on the 16th of November. Less than in a month, on the 13th of December, I purchased the second package, Moneymaker again.

In addition, since my bitcoin package was no longer valid, I started using my RoFx account to deposit my BTC. It took me only half an hour to transfer the bitcoins to RoFx. As you can see on the screenshot, my net profit dated the 25th of April, 2018, amounted to €8,927.52 for two packages. This can be seen in the left section ‘Account Information, Available Balance’.

Available balance screenshot - Rofx

The ‘Transactions History’ screenshot below shows all the incoming (profits received) and outgoing (performance fee charged) transactions within the specified timeframe in detail.

all transactions - Rofx

One more advantage the platform provides is overall analytics and stats. I strongly recommend you to study this data, if you are interested in learning how it works. I personally appreciate it much, as these graphs have helped me understand the trading better. It is cool when AI does all the work for you, but knowing what real trading is can’t hurt.

Daily Trading Reports and Guarantees

In the section ‘Trading Reports’, you can monitor the robot’s trading actions on a daily basis. For example, the screenshot below shows the operations executed during the 17th of April, 2018. The daily profit on that day constituted 0.42 per cent. To check the reports, visit or As an option, if you have a RoFx account, you can click the following link:

Trading Reports - Rofx

These daily reports enable you to compare the way trades with trading histories of different Forex trading websites and check whether this platform is really as efficient as it claims to be. As for me, I’ve found enough evidence of the claimed.

historical data - Rofx

And still, I was not completely sure if RoFx really stood apart from similar automated trading systems. My doubts have been dispelled by the list of guarantees provided by the platform. They do sound like something trustworthy.

First, the trading system is based on a stop-loss principle. Such a trading approach limits the amount of a possible loss even on unfavorable days.

Secondly, does not use any leverage. The only money the platform relies on is own funds and the clients’ finances. Last but not least, the system guarantees safety of your capital. In case of an unsuccessful trade, the loss is covered from the company’s reserve funds.

Money Transfer Options

  • Wire transfer
  • Domestic ACH
  • BTC transfer

User Reviews

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More Benefits from

So, after all of the research done, I’ve concluded the platform is quite reliable, so I can relax and let the robot trade for me. In the long run, I can always track its actions through transactions history and daily trading reports.

Well, sometimes I don’t earn any profit during a day. But such profitless days are rather seldom – normally no more than a couple of days a month. Anyway, I am secured against loss, so the prospect of not making profit from time to time doesn’t bother me much.

I understand quite clearly, that I myself would have to spent years to gain enough trading experience and become that successful, but for this profitable AI trading system.

Apart from all the other benefits, the latest ROFX package options list includes a special offer for wealthy clients – VIP PAMM, which provides you with the following exclusive opportunities:

  • total control over your money with any broker you choose;
  • profit and deposit withdrawal at any time;
  • direct money transfers to brokerage.

Among other pros, I’d like to mention that you don’t have to pay any withdrawal fees. All the bank charges for money withdrawal or replenishment are refunded by ROFX, which has impressed me greatly.

The system’s security level is also impressive. You can always rely on their client support service. I myself have sought their assistance many times, and they are always there to help. The service is available 24/7, the specialists are qualified, polite and patient.