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Discovering – detailed review

I came across and their automated trading system. It was immediately interesting to me for many reasons. It has the ‘no trading experience needed’ benefit, and also it added a lot more to it that caught my eye.

I’ve used it for some time now and want to share my experience and decide to write this review.

Here is a platform that is open and honest. “Only 1 in 100 novice traders make a profit in their first trade”, it told me. By using the platform, you can skip this trial and error stage and get straight into the making money phase. You don’t need to do the trading – the complex and sophisticated AI robot will do it for you.

It also pointed out that the system allows their customers to achieve consistency by trading the plan.’ It is an automated trading plan that uses experience from real traders as well as intelligent algorithms to make that profitable hands-off experience.

RoFx review – Looking into the platform

When I created an account, I was impressed to find a range of reports that were very detailed and helped me understand my account. These reports allowed me to monitor all the actions inside the account.

On November, 16, 2017 I started my membership with RoFx buying my first Moneymaker. Having calculated my future profits, I decided to start from Moneymaker (not Trial or Easy start) as it brings more profit and performance fee is lower that the mentioned ones. On December, 13, 2017 I got the second Moneymaker package.

Also, I decided to use this platform as a kind of saving account for my bitcoins, after my BTC package has expired. BTC withdrawal is the fastest, transfer took 30 minutes. So, as of April, 25, 2018 for both Moneymakers my net profit totalled 8 927, 52 EUR (see Available balance screenshot).

Available balance screenshot - Rofx

On this “history menu” screenshot I can also monitor all transactions made at my account: the profit accrued and performance fees deducted.

all transactions - Rofx

Another element you can access when you have an account is a package of comprehensive statistics and analysis, this helped me to learn more about trades and also increased my confidence in the platform. Making money is great but it is also good to know how this happens.

Trading Reports

Trading reports reflect operations the robot carries out on each specific day, for instance, on April 17, the profit was 0.42% (if you are logged in you can follow the link or go to or

Trading Reports - Rofx

Thus, you can always compare this data to historical data on any official Forex website, so I personally convinced myself of the effectiveness of the artificial intelligence of the RoFx robot.

historical data - Rofx

But there was still a little caution in my mind after those experiences with other platforms. Was this one any different? I then found out about some of the guarantees that offer that other platforms don’t and this was the persuading factor for me.

The trading uses a stop loss system that minimalizes losses on bad days. Added to that, is the fact that the platform doesn’t use leverage – only the company’s funds and those of the people using it. It cuts back on a massive amount of risk. If that wasn’t enough, guarantees the safety of the funds. In case the robots make a loss, then they use reserve funds to cover those losses.

Fund Transfers Available

  • Bitcoin transactions
  • Wire transfers
  • Domestic ACH (automated clearing house)

User Reviews

user review Rofx

Other Pros and Resume

I realised that It manages all my trades and I have nothing to worry about. Why? Because I can monitor the actions of the robot in trading reports and my history menu. I am Okay, that I might not make a profit some days, according to trading reports there are 1-2 days per month, but I don’t make a loss because the platform protects me. I can`t imagine how many years of trading experience I need to trade with such success and how much effort I shall apply to this risky market.

Also, the VIP PAMM package now available which includes:

  • total control over your funds with any broker you like
  • direct transfers to brokerage
  • withdrawing at any time

There are other benefits in using the site such as free withdrawals (as they compensate the bank charges when a package expires), also they compensated the bank charges when I funded my account by adding them to my balance, that surprised me much! The general security of the system also impressed me. I feel safe – their customer support is always online, they are patient and very helpful! I had hours of talks with them. I got all answers to my questions and even more, they resolved all my doubts that I had at the beginning when just started researching their system. The system is really quite complicated; it is not just a robot in the common sense but automated trading technology!

For me though, the key points were the ease of use, the fact that I was protected and that the system is fully managed by AI that makes complicated financial and global markets analyses. That’s why I highly recommend this service!