RobotFX NonLagMA Robot Review

The RobotFX NonLagMA forex robot is one of the robots that has come out of the stable of RobotFX. The software is a trend trading robot, designed to follow the trend and trade using the in-built and self-styled “non-lag” moving average indicator.

The question to be answered here is whether this forex robot actually delivers on its promises or whether it is just another of the trading scams out there. So what’s the story with the RobotFX NonLag MA?

Introduction to the NonLag MA from RobotFX

The RobotFX NonLagMa is said to be built with a moving average indicator that does not lag. This may confuse new traders, but as pros, we will explain this point. Moving averages are by nature, lagging indicators and they do not work well when a single moving average is used, or when used on short term charts. Lagging means that the indicator only provides a signal when the market is already well into the new trend move. So a non-lag moving average is supposed to counter this.

So when an indicator is said to use a moving average that does not lag the markets, this statement requires thorough investigation. It requires the action of the robot using the MA to be studied while on the charts. It requires that the robot must showcase results that prove that the moving average used in its construction does not lag in any way, because a lagging EA will produce false signals which will lead to trade losses.

So the question here is simple: is the RobotFX NonLagMA robot a software to trust or not to trust?

RobotFX NonLagMA: Why You Should Not Trust this Software

This is a software you should not trust with your hard earned money. Here is why we have made this declaration.

  1. No Verified Trading Results

There are no verified trading results of this robot on Myfxbook or any other source. Instead, what the company put up on Myfxbook is a generalized result which did not single out which of its forex robots actually did the trading activity shown there. This is a red flag: why would the RobotFX team not be confident enough to show how its NonLag moving average robot is performing in the market? Could it be that the EA is all talk and no action?

  1. Bad User Reviews

This software costs close to $300. Would you be willing to pay such an amount for an EA with this review online?

This review was provided on an independent site with no affiliate relationships whatsoever. So it cannot be claimed that the review was a paid attempt at de-marketing RobotFX’s competitors. Rather, we also found evidence of paid reviews being shown on the RobotFX website.

  1. Review Fraud

In what is gradually becoming a very serious taint on the entire industry, review fraud is spreading and it appears that RobotFX has caught the bug. How does this work? Several people are contracted online to provide reviews to look like they come from different users, but this is all an organized attempt at conning prospects by providing fake reviews. Many of those reviews are found on the RobotFX site

  1. Is this Really a Forex Robot?

A series of investigations into the true nature of this software have shown that it is not really a forex robot. In fact, it is a binary options robot. Worse still, it is a robot which has been rebranded and resold under several names, all of which are scam products.

Do these screenshots look familiar? Notice that the first one is that of RobotFX while the second is that of Binrobot Lady. At least four of such clones have been identified. Notice how they are just the same, except for a little change in colour. Is this worth paying all that money for?

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust

The answer is simple: RobotFX NonLagMA is a robot that cannot be trusted. There are just too many unanswered questions about this software. Therefore traders are advised to choose other profitable options.

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