Quantum Breaker is a free forex indicator built for the MT4 trading platform. The vendors claim that it has an accuracy of 87.73%. Using this indicator, a trader at any level can easily enter and exit the forex market with laser precision.

The vendors state that the indicator is based on Quantitative Qualitative Estimation (QQE) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) principles. It filters bad signals out by qualitative evaluations. Traders have the opportunity to catch large market swings for maximum profit.

It trades all currency pairs and on all timeframes. The indicator is downloadable for free on the vendor website: www.quantumbreaker.com

The most important questions are these: Does this indicator work as the vendor posits? Can we trust the free quantum breaker indicator? Since it is given out free, what is the catch with this software?

Quantum Breaker Indicator: To Trust or Not To Trust?

Although this indicator is free, we shall still subject it to scrutiny to determine its reliability. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Trading Results

  • Vendor Anonymity

  • Website Appearance

  • User Reviews

  1. Trading Results

There are no trading results provided by the vendors of this indicator. If there are no trading results, how did they arrive at 87.73% accuracy and all other claims posited on their website? In the forex community, you don’t just make claims without providing evidence. They should have provided verified trading results from credible sources like Myfxbook.com. Before an indicator or EA is released, vendors are supposed to rigorously back test the product and also provide verified evidence of current trading with satisfactory results. There are no signs that all these was done for this indicator. Otherwise, thorough tests would have revealed the best timeframe and best currency pairs that work with this product.

How does this chart, pulled from the Quantum Breaker homepage, prove anything about the 87% profitability being touted by the vendors?

  1. Vendor Anonymity

The vendors of the Quantum Breaker Indicator did not provide their business name, office address, or phone numbers. Forex traders are reluctant to deal with anonymous vendors because they have no reputation to protect. Many scammers that have inundated the forex market use this perfect strategy to perpetrate their fraudulent acts. Furthermore, traders quickly label anonymous vendors as scammers and avoid them.

  1. Website Appearance

The official website of the Quantum Breaker Indicator (www.quantumbreaker.com) looks a marketer’s sales page. It has very scanty information. When you click to download the free indicator, a form prompts you to enter your name and email address. When successfully submitted, you are told to check your email for details. One will wonder why a developer will take time to develop a profitable indicator, creates a website and gives it out for free. A plausible reason is that the vendors use this website to collect names and email addresses which they can use for marketing later.

  1. User Reviews

There were no user reviews found for this Quantum Breaker Indicator. Generally, it is not a popular product. Perhaps, the traders who tried it out did not bother much since it did not cost them anything.


The Quantum Breaker Indicator is an indicator with unverified claims. The vendors chose to be anonymous and postulate that the indicator can make you rich without providing their own trading results. The website looks like a marketing page ostensibly created for the product but actually designed for collecting email addresses of forex traders. Please, this indicator cannot be trusted, avoid it.

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