Professional Trading Portfolio EA Review

The Professional Trading Portfolio is a forex expert advisor developed by Professional Trading Systems. It is designed for the MT4 trading platform and trades the popular currency pair EURUSD. The design is based on two previous strategies developed by the same company namely: The Professional Breakout Trading System and The Professional Reversal Trading System.

  • The Professional Breakout Trading System:

This robot works by opening and closing trades in just one session every day. Its movement direction is determined by a Trend Filter.

  • The Professional Reversal Trading System:

This robot works by catching the large daily swings. Price moves in one direction, on reaching a threshold, it reverses and continues in a new direction. It uses a reversal detector to accomplish this feat.

The company believes that combining the two strategies will produce excellent results.

The chart above shows a Myfxbook account plotted on an interval of 3 months from April 2015 to April 2018. The results look generally good on the surface, but we will soon take a deeper look to see if the Professional Trading Portfolio EA is something you can trust or not, based on the evaluation we shall soon conduct.

The Professional Trading Portfolio EA is priced at $1,960 while you can try it free for a month. For such a high price tag, the relevant questions are: Is the Professional Trading Portfolio EA worth the price? Can this EA be trusted to do the job? Is this EA a software to trust or not to trust?

Professional Trading Portfolio EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Though the odds seem right and the results look good on paper, but there are some worrying points that have been noticed concerning this EA. Some of them are listed below:

  • No Real Trading Performance Proof

  • Vendor Anonymity

  • Insanely High Price Tag

  1. Trading Performance Proof

Before you get sold on the performance charts pulled from the Myfxbook account of this EA, you need to know that the chart shown above was based on results of trading done on a demo account. The question that forex traders are asking is this: if this robot is actually trading and making money, why has it not been utilized to work on a real, verifiable trading account? Besides, the figure shows that the EA was profitable only in 2015 and 2016; it has recently been incurring losses.

After much searching, we later stumbled on results of trading done on a real account that displays some very appalling results:

Professional Trading Portfolio EA Review

As if this were not enough, the EA was also incurring some hefty drawdowns.

Professional Trading Portfolio EA Review

This shows why you should never take what is said on a sales page of a forex robot on face value. Always dig deeper to know the full story.

  1. Vendor Anonymity

This has always been a source of concern to forex traders and businessmen in general. Forex traders believe that if the vendors have a good, working product, they will definitely be proud to showcase it to the world and will not hide their identities. Though their server internet protocol (ip) address shows that they are located in Germany, there are no official contact details such as an office address or phone numbers. Does paying $1,960 for a non-profitable robot made by a ghost company seem right to you?

  1. The High Price Tag

The price tag of $1,960 is very high indeed. Not many traders could afford to pay such an amount for a robot, even if it were profitable. Those traders who can afford to pay for this are usually traders you would find in institutional setups, not the average Joes who want to make a side income from forex.

CONCLUSION: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Given the problems described above, we can infer that the Professional Trading Portfolio EA is a forex robot not to trust. It is that simple. There is simply no basis for anyone to trust this software, let alone entrust hard earned funds for it to trade on.

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