Power FX Atm is an MT4 forex robot that promises to generate 100-600% profits every month. The vendor promotes this robot as a robot that never loses, and is said to have a 99% winning rate. The strategies used by the robot are market psychology, price movement patterns trading and other secret algorithmic strategies which the vendor refuses to disclose. The vendor provides videos explaining how the EA can make any trader rich. The robot works best on the M1, M5 and M15 timeframes and trade all currency pairs.

Traders can subscribe to use this robot for a monthly subscription of $157 for access to one real and one demo account licenses. The robot is sold at a price of $1,999 for a lifetime account with 2 demo and 2 real account licenses.

For such an expensive price, the pertinent questions are these: are the vendors correct? Is this robot worth the price tag? Can we trust the Power Fx atm?

Power FX ATM: To Trust or Not To Trust?

We believe that this robot is one that cannot be trusted, and this stems right away from the overly aggressive marketing style and incredible claims by the vendors of this robot. We found the robot lacking in the following areas:

  • Trading results

  • Lack of Vendor Identification

  • Unduly aggressive marketing approach

  • Lack of user reviews

  1. Trading Results

In order to prove the efficacy of this robot, the vendor provided myfxbook.com trading results. Unfortunately, the trading results presented was only for one day. This is unbelievable, because they hyped the robot as capable of generating huge income every day. How can only one day of trading prove anything? Surely, these vendors are up to something negative.

  1. Unidentified Vendors

The vendors of this robot are unknown as did not give their names, address, phone numbers or country of origin. They only provided an email address (msapp888@gmail.com) for support purposes. This is another reason to suspect them as fraudulent because ‘vendor anonymity’ is a trademark of the numerous scams within the forex trading market.

  1. Vendor’s Marketing Approach

The overall marketing approach of the vendors of this robot is overly aggressive and of very poor quality. First, their website looks like a marketing page popularized by affiliate marketers and online sales representatives. A professionally designed website to market such a “dependable” and expensive money generating robot should have been the way to go, but sadly, a cheap website was all they could come up with.

Secondly, the way they hyped the robot as capable of winning 99% trades is outrageous. The claims in the videos posted on the site are simply false. They say that you can finally buy your dream home, drive a fancy car, go on vacations while this robot keeps making money for you. We all know from experience that this is all hype. The hype is simply to play on the intelligence of gullible prospects.

  1. Negative User Reviews

Users that bought and tried this robot gave it negative reviews. Some other websites that review robots also gave the product low ratings. Generally, they believe that the robot is overpriced and overhyped and therefore cannot be genuine.

Conclusion: Power FX ATM Cannot Be Trusted

The marketing approach of the anonymous vendors of the Power Fx ATM robot gives them away as desperate scammers. They presented only one day evidence of forex trading, yet, promised us a lifetime of daily profits. The high price tag of the robot as well as their outrageous claims substantiates their desperation. Please, do not trust this robot as it is an apparent scam.

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