Pastorpro Forex Robot Review

Let me introduce you to a relatively new automated trading platform Pastorpro forex robot. I would like to start by saying that the platform is new, although the developers do not state that in the description, merely writing:

How ‘much years’ and who ‘we’ remains in a deep secret. The whole description of the software is presented in some sort of creator’s preamble to its customers. He is telling the story of why he has established the system and, accordingly, its advantages:

Pastorpro Forex Robot He is referring to it as “my software” although in some places it’s written that it was created by the ‘ professional team of experts’. I wouldn’t admit that it was, as the technology is presented far from the professional manner. Though I do like the mesmerising spinning figures on the homepage Still, we have no idea whose technology is that and for how many years it has existed. Judging from the aspect of English grammar, we might conclude that the creator is not from English-speaking countries. Besides, there is no address on his whereabouts or where the system is registered, let alone licensed and regulated. There’s no intel on the timeframe, brokers, a strategy he is providing his customer with, how it works, how to “earn BIG and stop living from paycheck to paycheck’. Given two options of account licensing, which, I presume, differ in the number of licenses and, of course, the price. In general, not enough trading details, only his own words claiming that you will win and not lose, but that you may read on any other platform.

The advantages of Pastorpro forex robot are truly eye-catching:

  • 100% high accuracy (rather impossible, as every trading system has its drawdowns, despite its huge gains)

  • all-time winning forex advisor

  • risk-free, non-stop trading

  • 30 days money back guarantee, although you’ll have to spiral your dough in the unreliable system for 15 days, and who knows about the outcome and what is for them ‘valid claim’:

The system trades quite frequently, with hundred and 18 trades in this short 33 days. As for the disadvantages, the average win is 18 pips and the average loss – 50 pips, which makes for a risk reward-ratio of approximately 1.8 to 5. The average pips per trade value of this EA are almost nonexistent, at 0.3. That is deplorably low in order to gain the sufficient revenue.

Last year, the robot has experienced a 40% drawdown within several weeks. It all can be viewed on Fxblue as myfxbook is deleted for some reasons. In October 2017, the whole system has collapsed and caused a tremendous loss. It did alert me and aroused suspicion as to the further conditions and trades of the robot. To what consequences that drawdown lead? Does the robot still make successful bids? How can one convince himself about getting profit after such a system failure?

Regardless, the creator goes on stating the fact that there’s no possible loss while trading with pastorpro robot. Meanwhile, no word is said about covering the losses one might incur while trading or how those losses happen, anyway. That is way too risky to be involved in such business. On any other website you would read that the technology trades at a loss.

As the pastorpro robot is a relatively new technology and showed substantially low progress, I would not recommend it for those who are planning on getting the profit out the system. If it caught your attention that much I urge you to at least check the latest performance of trading by contacting the support team. Investigate before you trust a venture that does not deliver what it promises.

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