The Optimum forex robot is an Expert Advisor (EA) built for the MT4 trading platform. The developers say that this EA is a revolutionary Forex product that traders can expect to generate thousands of dollars in returns. The system is built to help traders to stay in the trade as long as possible to get maximum profits. They claim that it is a product that doesn’t lose.

The exact method that the robot utilizes to place its trades is not disclosed in details, but it is optimized to operate on the M5 timeframe and trades two currency pairs (EURUSD and GBPUSD).

The robot is priced at $199 for one lifetime license, $299 for 2 lifetime licenses and $399 for 4 lifetime licences. The vendors also promised full and responsive support as well as updates. To support their claims, the they provided trading results from fxblue.com.

The Optimum forex robot is an Expert Advisor (EA)

One glance at the figure above, which is a screenshot of the fxblue account provided by the vendors, shows that all is not well with this robot. Some of the problems associated with this robot are:

  • Unfavourable Trading Results

  • Unidentified Vendors

  • Scam Accusations

  • Negative User Reviews

  • Website Unavailability

  1. Unfavourable Trading Results

The fxblue trading results provided was last updated on 9th May 2017. The account show trades placed from 20th February 2017 to 5th May 2017. The account started with an opening balance of $2,540. The EA started growing the account gradually till April when the account balance hit $8,000. But, on the 28th April 2017, the account lost $8,165.14 representing -98.8% change in balance. If the account can lose so much in a day, it means that the strategy used by this EA is a dangerous one capable of blowing any account in one single bad day.

  1. Lack of Vendor Identity

The vendors of this robot are unidentified. No address, phone number or anything that can identify who they are is provided. This is not very good for the industry as many fraudsters use this strategy to swindle money from forex traders.

  1. Scam Accusations

Some forex traders who bought the Optimum forex robot have written about their experience with the robot and with the vendors. They labelled the robot as the handiwork of scammers as they lost money both in buying the robot and in trading with it.

  1. Negative User Reviews

Most of the reviews on this robot is negative. The vendors promised excellent customer support but traders who bought the EA complained of very slow and inefficient customer support. Some continued sending emails that were never answered while some couldn’t setup the EA they bought. The few that were able to setup their accounts with the EA, ended up blowing their accounts.

Website Unavailability

The website of this EA is no longer available. Maybe, the product has finally been retired for good as it is a disaster.

Conclusion: Optimum Forex Robot is Not to be Trusted

The Optimum Forex robot is a forex robot that created havoc for many traders. It blew the account of the vendors while they were trying to show its profitability. The forex traders that bought the robot did not get quality customer support and the robot caused them loses. Please, avoid this robot like a plague. Good a thing that it is no longer available.

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