Today we would like to bring to your attention a review of News Action Trader Robot. News Action TraderThe presentation begins with a brief listing of the features of the forex robot, such as two-year confirmation of the account, low risks, work with MT4 and MT5, and work with 6 currency pairs.

Unlike many sellers, the robot works on an account with real money. In the presentation, the developer focuses on the fact that if the trader were ready for new spikes, then he would open several trades and get significant benefits.

According to the presentation, traders have a real opportunity to be in a trend and, most importantly, keep up with it.

The emphasis is on the fact that news trading is very dangerous, as it incurs significant losses and many of the traders simply decide to wait out the news jump before continuing trading.

To increase self-confidence, the developer even offers to log in to his account to see all the details of trade transactions and to be sure that his system works.

news action trader

To start bidding, we are advised to have at least a $1000 deposit.

The robot is sold in two versions: a two-month package for $ 247 per month and a life-time package for $397.

news action trader and news feed softwarenews action trader currency pairs

Both packages offer the same set of options: News Action Trader And News Feed Software, Lifetime License, Lifetime Updates, Lifetime Support, 6 Currency Pair Support,

Best Trade Settings, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

News Action Trader: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The first thing that catches your eye is selling a product in a presentation by Mikhail Zaprudin, and the account belongs to some Ilya Dunaev.

It is possible that these are two friends. Where one just trades, and the second one tries to sell his robot, which has nothing to do with the successes displayed in the account.

Good trading results

news action trader trading results

The main account trades real USD, with Pepperstone brokerage company, and on MetaTrader4 platform. The fx robot has been running for two years. During the period it rose deposit from $990 to $2308 and it’s a solid result. The total gain is +287.08%. Daily gain is 0.18%, monthly one 5.62%. The robot shows smooth trade during the whole period.

news action trader trading results

If we take a look at this year’s result we will see that the trading robot kept the same over 100% amount of annual gain. 

In two years period 1043 deals were done. 66% of them (693 deals) were successful, 34% were lost.  

news action trader statistics

The time chart shows that almost all deals were 5 mins or less, several of them took just several seconds.

news action trader monthly analytics


The annual chart of trading during 2019 shows good results that mean patterns work well.

Mid level Drawdowns

news action trader drawdowns

The drawdowns chart shows that most of them have happened during May and June 2019 and generally they didn’t spoil the whole picture.

Enough level of Transparency

The account has a high enough level of transparency showing a lot of statistics.

news action trader monthly analytics

The trading robot traded all six currency pairs every month.

news action trader currency pairs

As well, there is the whole statistic about the trading of each currency pair.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We would like you to try on the demo account of this trading robot. As you could see, the robot runs the real account growing its balance for two years. Not so many, devs prove robots’ performing by their real money, but this account does. Trading results showed that the robot was able to trade smoothly and with really low drawdowns. 

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