MT5 Fx Robot Review

Introduction: MT5 FX Robot is an extremely powerful forex robot someone called Mark Hamilton. This robot is accurate at predicting price movement. This robot’s development team also claim that “MT5 Fx Robot knows the future. “They also claim that it doesn’t matter if your beginner advanced in forex. You can easily invest in this robot to make high profits. “MT5 Fx Robot” is such a robot that can predict price movements a few seconds before they even happen! It’s not magic but an advanced IT technology that enables the robot to “see” where the price is going therefore you will always be can the right side of the market-on the winning side”-according to the developer of this robot.Features :
  • Type: Forex robot .
  • Price: $2ooo.
  • Strategy : Scalper.
  • Time frame:M1
  • Comes with an “investor password feature “where you can log in to check all the trading results.
  • Refund : 60 days.
  • Average profits target : 3 pips.
  • Average stoploss target : 5 pips.
  • All trading results are further verified via third party website, Fx Blue & fxbook
  • Capable of trading in any forex market conditions.
  • Adaptive trading optimization.
  • Multiple daily trades.
  • Implementation of low drawdown algorithms on all pairs.
  • Maximum configurable settings.
This scalper requires extremely fast internet connection & a brokerage with a very low spread as trades are executed & finished within a minute. The MT5 Forex Robot trades 2 of the major currency pairs in the EURUSD/GBPUSD. So, you can get low spreads plenty of liquidity. It works best with regulated ECN broker. This robot will work with spreads of 3 pips or even greater .So, you should be getting a maximum of 0.5 pips spread at any time with all ECN brokers.It is good at avoiding trades if the market conditions & spreads are not favorable. It provides quality & different customer support options like email, live chat support & skype.This software’s investor password feature makes it really unique.It claims to have returned $2000 into more than a million dollars in less than 3 months.From sales page we can see that, the MT5 Fx Robot has an accuracy rate of 85% to 95% which is impressive. The developer of this software says , “MT5 Fx Robot compares prices in real time & knows the price movements within the next few seconds”.But , that sounds totally illogical, cause I don’t see how it’s going to do that or how is that even possible unless ot has some sort of crystal ball. Moreover , there’s not much info about the developer. In fact, the photo they’ve been using to show developer seems more like a stock photo.Hence, this software seems more like a scam than a miney making tool that too with overpriced tag of $2000. Trading results :The MT5 Fx Robot webstie has quite a few screenshots of trading results with my Fx book which doesn’t seem trustworthy at all.To see those screenshots from website , it allows us to connect to their trading account manually to see trading results. I don’t really understand why connecting manually is necessary if they’ve my Fxbook account. Moreover , none of their my Fxbook account is available. Even though they show many different screenshots none of them is actually accessible. I have even searched for both of the accounts manually on my FX book, but neither of them exist. The only way to see their results would be manually, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some sort of trick up their sleeve and how they are showing those results. Feedback :The response from MT5 Fx Robot clients is very negative. They’re about 6 reviews from real clients where all of them are claiming that this service is a total scam. Conclusion :Looking at the merits & demerits of this software, I can say that it seems to be more like a scam than a money making tool & we shouldn’t try it. I know how bad it might feel to spend $2000 on something that doesn’t work. Be careful with the systems that you trust.

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