Million Pound Robot Review

Introduction:Million pound robot is afully automated forex expert advisor developed by Ray.B. This forex BA uses high leverage & a high large number of short term trades to increase account balance.It’s mainly built to take $2000 & grow it into over $80000.From the name we can say that this is a software which is granted in traders that they can become rich very quickly.The owner of the software also says that his forex profits have surpassed $1million only using this one tool.He also believes that traders can make anywhere from $3000 to $5000 every single day & millions of dollars within just a matter of a month using this software.It sounds too good to be true and that’s why I’m here to provide all the aspects of it to let you know if it is or not.Features :
  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199/1
  • Strategy: Scalper
  • Time frame: M15-15 minutes
  • Pairs: EURO/USD
  • Refund policy: 60 days
  • Any leverage
  • Any Deposit
  • Broker: MT4
  • Full support
  • Free updates
 So we can see this robot works best with EURUSD currency pair in 15 minute time frame. This Forex expert adviser uses smart trading technology that allows hold onto trades a little longer & to produce greater profits.It’s compatible with all metatrader 4 (MT4) brokers as well as with brokers using ECN-type order fulfillment. Features of it & what the developer says about is very impressive as it seems very profitable going through the features. But I find this a bit hard to believe. It seems to be more like a typical get rich quick money making scam. From the website we can see that they lied to us about the developer Ray.B. During my investigation I found out that this person Ray.B isn’t even real & this photo that they’ve used is actually a stock photo.We can see through some of our scanned results that this photo is actually used for variety of different websites that are involved with each other & they are unrelated to Ray.B and forex million pound robot scam. They’re lying to us about the developers and if they’re lying to us about who created this software then other aspects can’t be trustworthy too.Results:The trading results are quite impressive I can say but , certainly need more analysis as yhe results are not reliable. Website said it made $ 1 million in just a single day. But that seems really unrealistic. The Million Pound Robot provides us with two vendor accounts that started mid-way , one of which is live account & the other one is demo. Trading of both of these accounts is quite infrequent to be considered as scalpers & the average trade duration is over 10 hours.It seems really weird , if this is a scalper like the developer claimed. From website , we can see that , all of the profits were earned in the span lf a single day & after that the robot hasn’t done much at all.Conclusion:Looking at the results of this robot , I can’t really believe it’s a real scalper as it doesn’t give us much information. Unfortunately, it seems more like a scam than a money making software. The developer seems to be hiding something, otherwise they wouldn’t use fake information. So, in this circumstances, it’s really hard to recommend this software. I would rather recommend to wait & check for reliable information instead, if you really want to go for it.

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