maxturboWe’d like to introduce you the brand-new review. This time it’ll be the analyze of MAXTURBO EA. 

The presentation on the robot’s site looks very simple and tells us: “It is equipped with several indicator sets, which helps it detect when the market will reverse. We’ve ensured to lace our unique Auto Trading System with all the advanced features that’ll help our clients gain consistent results in the form of higher profit and ROI. Maxturbo EA is a proven strategy that has been used by experienced traders for more than 7 years.”

The devs suggest us using MAXTURBO with any pair of currency, as well as, we get news protection, and low risk with high rewards at the same time.

The forex robot is selling in two packages: $299 with 1 real account which’s called “Standard” and “Premium” one for $499 with 3 real accounts.

MAXTURBO: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The fx robot has been deployed just several days ago. It’s completely brand-new products, and we have to check its performance at least on several months’ range to make sure it won’t nulled an account.

Good trade results

Let’s take a look at the results according to data from fxblue. 

maxturbo fxblue

The system expects that if the robot keeps performing like that the monthly return will be 53.5%.

maxturbo stats

Maxturbo EA has been started very well and got 10.7% of weekly return with 1.74 profit factor.

maxturbo stats

During 10 days the robot has closed 90 trades, where 49 of them have been won. 49 trades won $323 when 40 trades lost just $185. It means stop-loss patterns work well.

maxturbo fxblue

Instead of “all currencies” that has been said to us the robot ran only EUR/GBP pair.

maxturbo currencies

The most robot can’t handle the same % of winners for buying and selling trades, but not MAXTURBO EA, it’s good for it.

maxturbo fxblue

The robot performs only one strategy on, as we could see, the one currency pair.

maxturbo size of loss

The robot manages to get this amount of gain with that low risk: 10% loss gets a 1.1% chance.

maxturbo risk

The average trade length equals 8.6 hours, trade result is +$1.52, average wining is $6.58, losing is $4.63

Very low level of Drawdowns

Maxturbo EA runs with quite low DD. They’re just 2.1%.

High level of Transparency

There’s on the fxblue account every data we need presents to make a decision about trying the robot. Every 

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Maxtrubo EA is quite a new program. It shows, as usual on the start, good results with smooth trading discipline. We think the program can be an option if you’d like to try something new that works well on the EUR/GBP currency pair. Although, the final decision about applying the robot on your main account should be done by you after running it at least several months on the demo one.

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