Maverick FX Review

Maverick FX is a trading education service provider that allows people to learn pay to learn forex trading, invest money and let the company trade on their behalf. The advertiser touts the idea as a hands-free method of investing and all funds are traded on the forex market using a forex robot of which they guarantee a 100% win rate on all trades that are placed. From their website, Maverick FX says that it has been in existence since 2014 but a little more research reveals that this same service used to be Forex Maverick and simply rebranded some years ago and now trades as a new entrant to the trading software business. As of April 2018, it appears that Maverick Trading has three owners: Robb Reinhold, John Frohlich, and Darren Fischer.

Maverick Trading Summary

  • Learn forex and trade with their funds once you are a pro
  • All funds are traded on the forex and binary options market
  • 100% win rate
  • Same day deposit and profit guarantee
  • Hands free trading
  • Lessons cost USD 6000 upfront

The advertiser presents Maverick FX as an employer but it is clear that the service is actually a forex broker. Students or employees in this case pay a certain fee upfront amounting to 200 dollars a month and are taken through some basics of forex trading and chart reading. After the education program, anyone who wishes to continue trading with the service is asked to register with cash and trade with the funds of the company, promising a return of 70 to 80% of the funds you make. The automated trading is used at this point.

It is first of all laughable that the advertiser promises a 100% win rate on all trades if you invest in this service. A clean 100% really? There is just too much in the forex and binary options market to consider when it comes to news, statistical releases like the non-farm payrolls once a month and other inflation data that most forex robots can never factor in perfectly to promise a 100% win rate. Even the best of the best machines are not good enough to deliver that.

Here is the interesting part. We pretended to be a customer and called the numbers provided on the website. The first 3 calls made 6 hours apart went unanswered on a Wednesday. No problem we thought, it is only a technical support desk right? That punches holes on the idea that they offer 24-7 support to all the customers. It may be a nightmare situation if you have problems accessing your records, depositing or withdrawing and you cannot reach the technical support desk. An attempt to address this concern via their contact us page yielded no reply. It is hard to believe that there is much going on from their side apart from a link to register new members and conduct all their promotional messaging. Also remember that you would have to get their contacts via their facebook pages!


There is very little information forthcoming from the advertiser about how the Maverick FX proprietary trading works and the parameters you will use when trading with their software. The obvious lies from the advertiser derail any intentions I may have had about registering for this service. Simple videos from the website by probably paid actors do not convince me more about the validity of their profits. It may be a big gamble to register for this service at the moment. If you may want to register for this education service, you would want to take it with a pinch of salt. Take extra caution before letting your money swim with the frogs.

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