Manhattan FX Robot Review

The Manhattan Forex Robot is a forex expert advisor system that is meant to be a 100% automated trading system developed by a team of 12 professional traders in the city of New York. According to the developers, the Manhattan Forex Robot uses a special trading strategy based on a breakout algorithm. This is supposed to ensure that traders enjoy money management features that minimize unnecessary losses during trades.

However, there are questions on whether the software actually deliver on its promises. Is the Manhattan FX robot one to trust or not to trust?

Manhattan FX Robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Manhattan FX robot doesn’t look like a software that can be trusted. First of all, Manhattan Forex Robot trading system is definitely not the best trading system out there in the market considering some inconsistencies in the claims by its developers. For example the sales page of the software stated that the trading robot was developed by a group of 12 professional traders in the city of New York with trading experience of over 2 decades but none of their backgrounds was mentioned. There are just no real faces and names behind the development of this so called “industry best” forex expert advisor system.

The key question here is, can any serious trader trust their funds with a system like the Manhattan FX Robot? This article discusses the answers below.

  1. Unrealistic Profit Claims

The Manhattan FX Robot sale’s page promises a massive profit that is just too good to be true. According to their claim, Since 2010, the Manhattan FX robot has been generating massive profits.” It is claimed that Manhattan FX system generated a little over 1.2 million dollars in total profits that year. Generating this level of profits requires trading capital running into hundreds of millions of dollars. It is highly unlikely for Manhattan FX Robot to have generated this amount as there are no proofs to back up this claim.

  1. Exploitative Pricing

The Manhattan FX Robot system pricing page makes look like there is only a one-time which is incurred but in reality this is not the case. The developers end up getting kickbacks from brokers for referring clients, who in turn pass on the costs to the traders in the form of increased spreads So in the real sense the users of the Manhattan FX robot are actually paying not just once or twice, but continuously for as long as they are using the robot.

  1. Developer Anonymity

The sale’s page claims that this software is developed by 12 professional and industry experts with decades of trading experience. However, no names or faces are attached to back up this claim. The team behind this system is faceless. This makes it difficult for any serious trader to trust their funds with a ghost company that is supposed to produce world’s best trading system.

  1. Losses on Real Accounts

The nail on the coffin comes from a verified real money account to which the Manhattan FX robot was applied. There are lots of demo account results showing the millions in profits that the robot vendors claim the software is making. But the real truth of how this robot performs on a real account is shown in this snapshot:

Final Verdict: Manhattan FX Robot is Not to Be Trusted

The Manhattan FX Robot has nothing to offer. The developers are only out there to steal your money with false representations of their product to lure unsuspecting members of the public into their dragnet.

In light of all the evidence highlighted above against the Manhattan FX Robot, it is highly recommended to stay away from this obsolete system. The Manhattan FX robot is not to be trusted.

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