The Lion Fx Trader is a forex robot that works on the MT4 trading platform and it promises to end the trader’s search for a profitable robot. It is designed to trade the EURUSD currency pair on the M15 timeframe. The Lion Fx EA works by analyzing and determining the price direction. The vendors say that it uses a unique algorithm because of its build design where “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss” are well utilized. It does not use a martingale system. It has very good money management and continues to make profit on a gradual basis.

The price tag is $137 for 3 licenses and $157 for 5 licenses. To prove the money making power of this EA, the vendors provided a verified myfxbook trading account which ran from Jan. 2016 up till Nov. 2017. It shows a gain of 1051.44%.

With such audacious claims made by the Lion FX Trader team, the key question that needs answering is whether this is an EA that can be trusted or not? So what are out findings about this EA?

Lion FX EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

From the look on the graph above, one can see that all is not well with this robot. Some of the problems found with this robot are:

  • Vendor Anonymity

  • Poor Trading Results

  • Negative User Reviews

  • Poor Website Design

Let us examine these issues one by one.

  1. Vendor Anonymity

The vendors of this robot are unknown. In the forum, Alex was identified as the robot owner. However, no office address, phone numbers or business name was provided. Vendor anonymity is a perfect strategy always used by forex robot scammers. As a result, most traders are very reluctant to buy robots from unidentified vendors.

  1. Poor Trading Results

The trading results showed some very poor outcomes. The trades on an account which is published on Myfxbook reveal that the account depreciated by close to 98%, with very heavy drawdowns:

Lion Fx Trader

Surely, for a robot that makes such loud claims of profitability, such poor performances cannot be explained away. It is quite obvious that the claims made by the vendors are nothing short of fallacious.

  1. Negative User Reviews

The user reviews was good at first but later turned bad as traders who bought the Lion Fx trader lost money. The myfxbook book account is no longer in use.

  1. Poor Website Design

The official website of this EA is One of the issues that discourage traders is the appearance of the vendor website. The vendors utilized a very cheap, scanty website which looked like ‘an html practice design’ by a newbie. The texts and images were out of alignment and it was not optimized for mobile viewing. The choice of pictures, colours and everything was horrible. But today, the website belongs to a Chinese firm and no longer to Lion Fx Trader EA. Maybe, this robot has been retired.

Conclusion: Lion FX Trader Cannot be Trusted

The Lion Fx Trader may not be a bad robot. It did well when it was launched but with time, it failed to perform. The vendor chose to be anonymous which is not good for this business. He chose to use an unprofessional website, maybe he couldn’t afford a professional designer. Finally, the website has been acquired by the Chinese. Do not trust the Lion Fx Trader even though it is no longer available.

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