Knox EA is a software company that claims to have financial experts and developers that have developed some Expert Advisors, artificial intelligence and marketing tools on its payroll. The company is said to be located in the UK and in four other countries. They fully disclose their phone numbers, emails and other company details.

The Knox EA range of products includes the following:

  1. Interbank EA

This is a forex robot that is designed for trading on the MT4 trading platform. It is ideal for traders at all levels and can trade any currency pair. It is easy to set up as it can be done within 5 minutes. The robot works well with other robots. The minimum of $3,000 is required to trade with this robot but can be tried for free when a broker account is opened with any of the 3 recommended brokers. Buying the EA costs $499.

  1. EquiKnox EA

This robot is very similar to the Interbank EA except that it is designed for both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It is easy to install and it works with other robots on the same account without interfering. This robot is sold for $499 as well but $3,000 is required to trade with this robot on any of the recommended broker accounts.

  1. Managed Account:

Multi Account Management (MAM) is done in partnership with “Chelton Wealth Ltd”, a renowned financial investment company located in the UK. At least, $10,000 is required for this investment.

Everything looks good for the Knox EA and their products. Their website is professionally designed and they seem legitimate. However, we shall take a closer look to determine if they can be trusted or not.

Knox EA: To Trust or Not To Trust?

There are some issues found with the Knox EA. Some of them are:

  • Vendor History

  • User Reviews

  • Experts Identity

  1. Vendor History

An internet research shows that Knox EA previously had 4 products namely:

  • Knox EA

  • Knox Dynamic EA

  • Knox Metal EA

  • Knox Index EA

They used to keep myfxbook accounts for each of these EA. All of a sudden, they pulled down the accounts, retired the products, launched a new website, and now came up with entirely new products. The new website was launched in May 2018 and they now have only 2 EAs. The launch of this new website was announced on their twitter handle on 22nd May 2018. The question is: what happened? A user on Valforex gave a review that seems to answer the question. This user indicated that in April 2018, the Knox EA Myfxbook account reached a drawdown of 60% and was pulled down. Then, the next month (May 2018), Knox EA launched a brand new website with new products. They have bluntly refused to open Myfxbook accounts for these new EAs, instead, choosing to use screenshots as “proof” of trades.

  1. Lack of User Reviews:

There are no reviews yet for the new Interbank EA and Equiknox EA. Maybe, because they are barely a month old, maybe because people know that Knox EA is probably just another scam, and have refused to buy these products. With time, we will see if real users of this product will provide objective reviews.

  1. Anonymous Identity of the “Experts”

Knox EA claims to have experts within their company but has failed to reveal the identities of these experts. This would have helped traders as many forex experts are known. After all, there are many experts who are known and who provide forex training, technical analysis and social trading signals. There are also various forex forums where these experts give advice, signals and show their trading performances. If indeed Knox EA has these experts, we would have known about them on these fora.

Conclusion: Knox EA is Not to be Trusted

The Knox EA team did not explain why they retired four EAs suddenly and launched new ones. They did not provide verified trading results for these new EAs. They are insisting on their recommended 3 brokers meaning they have agreement with them for commissions. The vendors definitely look like they have something to hide. In summary, do not trust the Knox EA. Their EAs are likely to have been repackaged from their failed robots.

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