Infinity Scalper Review

In the following review, I have done my due diligence to properly analyze the trading technology called Infinity Scalper My opinion is definitely gonna differ from those others one-sided forged reviews. I would like to begin by saying that the description of the system is a total beat around the bush. The technology is depicted as in some sort of narrative with its heroes and freedom in life. Each paragraph contains the same information as the previous one, and this abundance of the information only makes it look like the mere entertaining article not the trading service. The Infinity Scaper was created by some professional German trader called Karl Dittman. It is said that he is on the market for 15 years, but posting the bunch of the best screenshots with the highest pips on the website is far from enough to allure the customers to trade, is it? The statement that keeps repeating itself through the whole description is

This is what he highly emphasizes on, that the indicator is ‘unadulterated’:


But the real customers, who tried out the system, gave their real comments which are screaming otherwise. Mind that the reactions are recent so it proves once again that the system deceives its clients till this moment. Please, investigate carefully before you leap into another bait.

The only thing the developer is proud of happens to be an outright lie, as the indicators do not repaint!


On the website, there’s no real trading reports, no profit numbers, no real trading statements, no guarantees and no word about the losses one can incur after purchasing the product. By the way, it costs 87 USD which undoubtedly raises suspicion as to the successful transactions. So, basically, the indicator shows when to Buy or Sell or it has a feature of ‘optimal exit’. It is important to point out that there are 4 kinds of indicators. On the home page, you are able to watch the video which shows how the system works. Honestly, as for me, it’s like a violin for nerves as all the time you’ll have to make a choice whether to sell or buy or exit. Take a look, that on the video the indicator trades in the aggressive set, so if there’s a conservative one, the dynamics would be substantially worse. The constant notifications will remind you of taking care of the suitable action yourself, so you still will be involved in the process worrying about the outcome. If you possess a special skillset in trading and it is easy for you to figure out the right move, go for it, but you’d have to lower your expectations as the whole technology with its pretty hefty pips movements is unreliable and vulnerable. The system requires your full commitment I’d say, you have to monitor everything, choose a broker yourself and make the right moves.


I compare this trading platform to the game with the defeat ending. Take a look at the following screenshot taken from the homepage:

Infinity Scalper

Again this is a well-painted colorful picture that promises great results, but where can you see the profit you receive while trading? Is it trading at all? This is presented as some kind of a video game, where you buy and sell and sometimes exit – the game with NO RULES, just for fun with Green and Red bars. If you want to make money, please, find some other platform that will tell you at least about the revenue you’ll be expected to get. If you wanna gamble, play with your money and just entertain yourself this might be like a good option. Still, I would not recommend being involved in any of its machinations.

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