gravityfxWe are glad to return to you with a brand-new review dear readers. Today we would like to introduce to your attention a review on the GravityFX robot.

Having gone to developers’ site with the presentation, we see three versions of the product and the approval of the devs, which unites them all: “GRAVITY FX WORKS WITH ANY FOREX BROKER, ANY CURRENCY, INDEXES, METALS WITH AMAZING STABLE RESULTS.” This is a very serious statement. Let’s check how it relates to reality.

Having scrolled down the pictures of the “boxes” of the three versions of the product, we see a description of the forex robot on a live account with screenshots and links to the resource.

gravityfx myfxbook


We don’t know about all of these statements but “Poor trading discipline & Voluntaristic trading against the trend” and 69% of Drawdowns from the screenshot look for us the same.

GravityFX: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We don’t think so.gravityfx benefits

There’s just one PC screen page between two mutually exclusive statements. So if you said that robot could run any currency pairs very-well you shouldn’t tell us about just four ones. We know about fx robots that manage to run 25+ currency pairs. 

gravityfx expert advisor

When we got pricing we have noticed one thing that can prove that Gravity FX is kand of a scam. They try to sell it directly to you via PayPal. So… there’s no authority sellers site like MQL5 etc. 


Having checked the presentation we couldn’t find anything about the most important thing that proves that you won’t be screwed. Yes, you right. It’s the money-back guarantee period and reason for it: something should happen like high DD, or just no question money-back, etc.  So we go to the terms of use, risk, disclosure, and disclaimer.

“Buying software (Expert Advisor) you agree that accepted these terms in full. No Returns, Refunds or Credit for Purchased and Licensed Software!” You read correctly. They want your money and don’t care at all how the robot will perform. You never get your money back.


Having checked their official account in FB we’ve found out 4 “people” who follow this.

Our verdict they are scams.

Fake trade results

The robot ran on the real USD account for three months. It looks like a good joke. It used IC Markets as a brokerage company and MetaTrader4 platform.

gravityfx chart

As everything produced in Russia, there are all data unavailable. 

We have got not so much to talk about. The robot ran from May to July 2019 with some kind or high results. The account gained +162%, with a monthly gain of 41%. 

gravityfx myfxbook

If the robot sellers can’t entrust us the real data how we can trust them our money? The robot performed 1324 trades, with 77% longs won and 78% shorts won. The average trade length is about 6 hours.

gravityfx myfxbook

GravityFX couldn’t prove working with all currency pairs how they have said. So they have lied. 

gravityfx myfxbook

Thank you, “Mr. Anderson” people can not afford to trade with such big risks.

gravityfx risks

Trading by currency is continuous of the joke. May and June 2019 traded only EUR/USD but in July 90% has been BTC/USD. We can’t trust this result because of the robot has been stopped and we don’t know for what reason. Any explanation there was. 

High level of Drawdowns

Performing drawdowns on a 70% level should be the end of our review in order to save your time because time is money!

gravityfx drawndown

As you can see, there’s no patterns to pay for.

“Zero” level of Transparency

Everything that can be hidden has been hidden. We don’t trust us to check the robot performing we don’t care about your offer.

gravityfx profit

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Of course no. They stopped the robot because it started wasting their money, but devs keep it selling. Gravity FX has died in July 2019. RIP for it.


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