ghost traderToday in our series of reviews about trading robots, we’d like to tell you about such a robot as Ghost Trader

Having gone to the site we see a presentation in acid-green tones from which, after a couple of minutes of viewing, blood begins to flow from the eyes. For the sake of completeness, the “radiation cautious” icon is just missing over there.

According to the presentation, we’re offered a “standard set” of futures: fully automated trading, no need for trading experience, good productivity, mostly short transactions, opportunity to use the robot for free on a demo account. The last is due to the fact that the forex robot itself works on a real account for only one month.

The base price of the EA is €799, but with a discount is only for €499.

As the presentation said there were some main and off pairs of currencies that have been tested.

ghost trader results

Every link is clickable and sends us to backtest reports.

The devs said that the main strategy of the robot performing is “the robot will open all the trades based on our algorithms, which follows market movements. EA will open martingale trades, and all of them will always close with a profit. At the same time, EA is going to open hedging trades on the opposite side, to secure the investment. The software won’t open any new trade on the volatility market. The pattern can handle are confident to set huge one direction movements into currency value, and it won’t make any losses.”

The final offer includes one real account, unlimited demo ones, 15 Currency Pairs Supported, and, as well as, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee with free lifetime updates.

Ghost Trader: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We couldn’t find any huge reason to say Ghost Trader EA is bad. We’re going to check the robot performing one the live real USD account, using myfxbook data.

Good trade results

The robot uses FBS as a brokerage company and trades on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

ghost trader myfxbook

The forex EA shows incredible solid results: over 1% of daily gain and almost 37% monthly one. The account has grown from $3000 in October 2019 to $4569 in November 2019, showing $1569 of profit.

ghost trader statistics

The robot proves that it manages to trade smoothly giving gain according to every checked period. 

ghost trader statistics

For the over than a month there have been closed 687 trades, 4366 pips. 70% of trades has been won. The average trade length is 2 days, the profit factor is high enough and equals 2.6.

ghost trader monthly analytics

The robot proves that it can handle easily over 15 currency pairs.

ghost trader statistics

Ghost Trader runs on the low-risk level and still manages to show good results.

Mid-level Drawdowns

Ghost Trader EA runs with the mid  (29%) drawdowns.

ghost trader drawdown

As you can notice there are started growing in November.

Not so high level of Transparency

There are open data about performing trades but some of the columns are hidden. 

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We are sure that is the robot you many try on the demo account. There are some reasons for this conclusion: the robot is fresh. Even running on two accounts its almost several months perform live, so, as for the owner, there’s no reason to make it a scam, because he or she wants to sell it as many copies as possible. Ghost Trader EA shows very solid, smooth and predictable trade results. The last decision is up to you.

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