Ganon – Trend Trading Forex Robot Review

For half a year Ganon Forex Robot has become the most profitable counselor. Its big advantage consists in finding several signals to trade. On the official website states that this is the most elite forex robot. But is this really the truth?

The Ganon Forex Robot has two modes of operation. You have to use normal mode for big trades or hyper mode for bigger ones. Hyper mode means that Ganon trades frequently and closing opening order if it detected the different trend signal. The normal duty will lead to the bigger trades and will ignore signals of the opposite trend until the present order will not be finished. Ganon adjusts to your terminal using both mods to their advantages.

It optimized for all pairs. Automatically adjusts parameters and levels depending on the currency to which it is attached. As we know, the owner of an official site has died. It means a change of admin of this site. But nobody knows who is control this site now.

The honest review of Ganon

The advisor has an “exclusive Strand Theory™”, according to the trading website. This methodology finds that the robot trades the healthiest trends and deletes fake outs which don’t use another advisors. The main theory is not developed and explained in any nicety.

The Ganon Forex Robot drawing an arrow on your schedule when it detects a trend. Then it looks at several points of data to determine if the trend is worth trading. If it is, a trade will be opened and managed automatically. According to the information on its website, this advisor can find any manipulations with money and counterfeit outs to stay up to the broker. But they don’t accord any pattern of the theory or practice. It looks like an imaginary trading story, not a real plan at all. If once we will have a system that really monitors any manipulation at the Forex market, they could be getting brokers a lot of problems with their controllers.

This strategy seems like a nice history, but we don’t find any confirmation.

Brief description of the Ganon

  • Name: Ganon Forex Robot.
  • Price: per $ 100.
  • Strategy: Strand Theory™.

Having paid $99, you get available to an advisor and interoperability with all account dimension. Installing this robot borrows 5 minutes. You will have a zip file. Just copy the downloaded files to the index of the trading platform folder. The archive includes an indicator and the ready settings. You don`t need to perform optimization or change the parameters of the robot.

The purpose of the robot

The problems with all Forex advisors consists in outcome efficiency. The information in an official site provides that the traders earn over $124,000 in the last 30 days with the aid of Ganon Forex Robot. These considerable numbers were written in order to engage the new traders. The producer thinks that people will see these big profits and a low price for the robot and began to install it without any reflection.

Any of the trading results ensured the official website are not controlled by the third side. We have to trust them without any proofs!

The interface of the Ganon Forex Robot is easy and convenient with arrows in schedule. They don’t always follow them, but you can approximately see how the trading is working. The color scheme is green.

The facts about Ganon that make you think

The profit results have a lot of limitations. We haven’t any statements about any account can earn similar money what has shown in the official site. It was observed often dramatic variations between submitted results and the output in fact. One of the restrictions of the profitable results is that they refined with benefits of backsight. The possibility to confront losses or to adopt the determined trading program despite the trading losses is a significant achievement which can also impact on trading results. There are a lot of dimensions linked to the markets in general or to the realization of any trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the arrangement of performance results and all of which can negatively affect actual trading results.

The company hasn’t enough experience in trading accounts for people. There are no actual trading results to match to the performance profits, patrons should be enormously wary of placing reliance on these profitable results.

The trading currencies in Forex market is not for everyone as it includes significant hazard. Above all, psychological factors may power a people’s opportunity to trade with any system, not only Ganon Forex Robot, including all robots, offered on their website. All trading methodologies and systems involve the probability of the recurrent decrease of the money even on the profitable trades. On that ground, any trading system must be able to fund its trading account to get away losses due to broker deal implementation resulting from insufficient margin funding.

You must understand that you are using Ganon Forex Robot at your own risk only.

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