Today we would like to tell you about another trading robot called FXrobotGO. fxrobotgo

First of all, we go to the official website of the product, where we see a simple presentation, which takes one and a half screen pages. Honestly, if someone wanted to write shorter about a product, it’ll be impossible.

So, what can FXrobotGO do? The fx robot works with ten pairs of currencies. The filling of the robot itself consists of skillfully designed filters and patterns, for example, according to the presentation, the EA determines what type of trend or flat is on the Market at a current moment, in order to take necessary measures and make changes in the internal settings of the robot itself. Sounds good, but what else is there?

The developers place an increased emphasis on the fact that the trading robot is able to bring a stable and practically predictable level of profit. We will check this a little later according to the data of his official account on myfxbook. The developers promise us that if the influence of negative factors begins, the forex robot will allow us to suspend trading and avoid significant drawdowns.

Requests for minimum deposits of this robot are impressive. For stable operation in reliable mode, you need $ 20,000, in the normal $10,000, and aggressive $5,000. These are significant amounts for any investor who wants to invest in buying a trading robot.

Below we see $275 price for the program without the possibility of its demo use.

In the presentation, there is a link to forexstore, where the robot has no less than a rating of 9.3 from 10.

fxrobotgo myfxbook

At the bottom of the presentation is a screenshot with a link to the official myfxbook account.

FXrobotGO: To Trust or Not to Trust?

After a compact presentation and a rating of 9.3 on ForexStore, we are very interested in understanding how this trading robot works in reality. Our expectations from its performing are quite high, since it is launched to trade on a real USD account and has been working, according to the screenshot, for quite a long time.

High trade results

The robot runs on the real USD account for over one year. It uses Forex4you as a brokerage company and MetaTrader4 platform.

fxrobotgo myfxbook

During the period the account gain is equal to +183.52%, daily 0.16%, and monthly 4.89%. The first deposit was such a big enough, as the seller has told us in the presentation, $33918. As well, there was one withdraw $32104, so, the robot paid back to its owner.

fxrobotgo myfxbook

The data proves that the robot can trade smoothly and profitably. Comparing with the previous year it runs a little bit worse but still very good giving +45.64% gain during 2019.

The robot performed a huge amount of deals: 21219. This amount usually is equal to 5-years of working any trading robot. 73% of deals have been won (15424), 27% loss (5625). Longs and shorts won are equal to 70% and 79% of closed deals. 

FXrobotGO shows one of the smoothest results if we take a look at the monthly gains. 

fxrobotgo myfxbook

fxrobotgo myfxbook

Looks very smooth and predictable. There are percentages between currency pairs on the chart below.

fxrobotgo myfxbook

Low level of Drawdowns

Drawdowns are 30.48% that is the mid-value. 

fxrobotgo myfxbook

AS you can see the biggest one has been over a year ago.

Enough level of Transparency

There are enough data and info which set the account’s transparency on enough level to make a decision about buying this robot.

fxrobotgo myfxbookfxrobotgo myfxbook

Some traders show “Open Trades” and “Ope orders” this one doesn’t.

fxrobotgo myfxbook

FXrobotGO uses 10-15% from $30000 of the account balance every day.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We like it. We couldn’t find anything that proves that FXrobotGO is a scam. We would like you to ask the seller about a demo version of it or buy it in order to run it on the demo account. The trading robot does everything to prove that you really need it to make successful trades.

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