FX GOODWAY EA robot has been developed by a group of enthusiasts to make your trading experience better and profit smooth and permanently. The forex robot includes two different sets of performing. The first set bases on the patterns from the previous version of FX GOODWAY which proved themselves very well, but the second one is the pack of brand-new patterns. So, this is the very solid pack of updates to be paid and we’ll help you to make a correct decision.

FX GOODWAY: To Trust or Not to Trust?

For making a correct decision we’ve checked FX GOODWAY performance on the real account. According to data on https://www.myfxbook.com/. We’re sure the bot performed very well during an over than one year period. The results, we’re going to show you below are really impressive.

  1. Performance data during the trade period from July 2018 to October 2019
  2. FX GOODWAY set 1
  3. FX GOODWAY set 2

Let’s take a look at the metrics and data below:

  • Performance data during the trade period from July 2018 to October 2019

fxgoodwat set 1 and 2 comparison chart

How you can see this chart shows the gain for 1 and 2 sets. During the period FX GOODWAY set 1 performed wisely better. Set 2 patterns, as well, proves that they can trade smooth and well during the long period. According to FX GOODWAY descriptions you can use both sets at the same time. They will be trading variously and apart from each other.

  • FX GOODWAY set 1

fxgoodway set 1 performance chart

How much should we pay to start trading? Each account got a $2000 deposit. Set 1 Account has grown to $12735 on Oct 25, 2019 trading EUR/USD. 

As you can see from the chart there was a smooth grow during the whole period. If we check details we’ll see that:

  1. 414 trades have been done
  2. Profitability was 72% (298 trades won)
  3. Average wins and loses are $62.06 and $67.74
  4. The bot got more shorts won 74% than longs won 59%
  5. Average daily gain 0.39%, monthly 12.41%

fxgoodway set 1 monthly gain change

  • FX GOODWAY set 2

fxgoodway set 2 performance chart

FX GOODWAY set 2 account was deposited on $2000 too and traded for the same period from July 2018 to October 2019. Its performing proved that set 2 is the very solid option for trading too. Account balance as of October 25, 2019, was $10,341.

During the period total gain was 416.73%. Details have shown that:

  1. The bot completed 294 trades
  2. Total profitability is 79% (232 deals won)
  3. Average win $48.87, loss $48.33
  4. It had 230 shorts won and just 2 longs won (from total 3 traded).

fxgoodway set 1 and set 2 myfxbook statistics

Comparing patterns from FX GOODWAY set 1 and set 2 patterns we have to notice that set 2 performing just 3 longs from 294 trades. It means that set 2 is almost focused on the short trades. Both accounts have no big drawdowns at all during the trade period. The vendor’s account has the highest level of transparency: all trading data is open for analyzing.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Having reviewed FX GOODWAY trade robot, we would like to say that you can trust this software to help you trade. Shown data of performing set1 patterns (growing from $2000 to $12735) and set2 patterns (from $2000 to $10341) and seller’s account transparency convinced us that you should give FXGOODWAY X2 (set 1 + set 2) a try.

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3 thoughts on “FXGOODWAY EA REVIEW

  1. I’ve had pretty good luck with this robot. I’ve tried several other EAs before and so far this one is the one I like the best. More or less consistent. We will see how it goes!

  2. There are better EAs out there. I tried it out for a few months. Not very impressive. I would move on and try something else. Not worth the money