Considering the official FXEURGRID presentation on the developers’ website, we would like to draw your attention first of all to the following details. The trading robot uses a grid strategy in its performing. According to devs, the system is sharpened to minimize drawdowns that are inevitable when trading. Among the minuses, it should be noted that the trading robot works with only one pair of currencies: Eur/USD.

The seller relates to the explanations of why trade is carried out on one pair of currencies: a small brokerage commission, as well as the popularity of these currencies. The robot is compatible with MT4 broker. The key points of the presentation ended with facts that the robot got a nice user interface, but most importantly, it allows you to adjust the level of risk when trading, as well as, to apply three types of trading: safe, regular and aggressive.

The pros include the fact that the robot is fresh, just 2019 release. As practice shows, fresh trading robots normally trade for several years before they start having problems. The next important detail is the cost of the robot. It is really very cheap, only $220. The cons include the fact that the minimum deposit is for a safe trading mode ($3000), for a regular one ($2000), and for an aggressive one ($1000). There’s a contradiction in these figures, why should an investor buy a really cheap robot in order to make a triple deposit (3*1000) on it to start save trading? In this case, either the robot should be more expensive or the deposits should be less. Another question is why the numbers are so round. For example, if you deposit less than 3000, for example, $2755, in order to run the safe mode. Does that mean the robot will be running worth or not be able to execute patterns at all? If so, why is such a robot needed for? Why, in order to arouse people’s trust, purely from a marketing point of view, not to put numbers, for example, from $2400, from $1600 and from $950, respectively?

The whole presentation takes just one PC screen, with one screenshot of performing, so we get lack of official info about the robot performing.

FXEURGRID: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Average one currency pair results

fxeurgrid account

The account has been running since September 2018.

It trades real USD cents and using EXNESS forex broker and MetaTrader 4 to perform. During this year, it grows by +136%.

fxeurgrid statistics

If we take the info from the account, we will see that the first deposit was 2601 cents, and the developer is trying to convince us that for safe trading we need 100+ times more money. It looks like a complete mismatch of reality with the presentation of the product.

The robot trades on average 0.2% daily, 6.33% monthly.

fxeurgrid account 2

From the point of marketing view, if you deployed an official account to run the robot, it is better not to withdraw money from it, because not to spoil the beautiful picture of the growing chart.

Nevertheless, as for a robot trading in one currency pair, the result is quite decent. During the period we check, 344 deals were done, of which 75% were successful (258 of them) and 25% were unsuccessful (86 deals). The success ratio in short and long trades is about the same. 120 of 166 successful short trades and 138 of 178 long trades. The average duration of an open transaction is four days.

fxeurgrid monthly gain

During two years of FXEURGRID performing the robot show gain in every month. Usually, according to 2019 years, it is about 3,5-4% monthly gain.

Low Drawdowns

fxdiverse drawdowns chart

During over a year, the drawdowns (18.04%) are very little and rare. It means that patterns perform correctly.

High level of Transparency

The account has a high enough level of transparency showing a lot of statistics the others hide.

It’s not so often you are allowed to check open trades, as well, as open orders.

There are the same for trading results during the whole period.

According to the chart daily trades repeat the told success rate (75%).

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Forex Robot Review team would say that you can give FXEURGRID a try only if the developer explains why he trades for USD Coins, but his presentation says you need at least $3000 for the save trading. Of course, you should try it, first of all, on the demo account.

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