FxDiverse robot has its advantages over the other trading programs. How developers tell us, the robot allows its users to easily customize it for their needs. FxDiverse is a very versatile forex EA that allows choosing trading periodicity, trading preferences, and all about money: profit that you’d like to get in one trading session, currency pairs, and risks. The excellence over others is the ability to trade from 3 to up to 28 trading pairs.

FxDiverse: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Before we get started, first of all, we’ve checked a chart (screenshot) from the presentation on the site with the real data from Myfxbook and they were similar. The company offers two packages of the product. It’s a one-year license for any account for $235 or a lifetime one for $275. It looks a little bit strange that the difference between the one-year license and lifetime one is just $40 (14% of its cost), but it’s up to their marketing. Both versions of the product include free updates and 24/7 support. We were looking for a money-back guarantee option and the seller offers a 30-day period. Developers told us nothing about the number of trade patterns added to the final product.

Impressive results

FxDiverse has been running on a real USD account trading 10-12 currency pairs since February 2015 working with FXOpen broker (3.3/5 MyFxBook score). It’s very solid because we’ve got five-years data to check monthly results and deals. Since it has been started from, as well as, solid $10000 deposit it’s grown to $99677 according to data on 16 Oct 2019. The total gain is 896% and keeps growing. The bot trades very smooth and consistently which can’t but cause respect among its devs.

fxdiverse trading performance chart

We would like to pay attention to that it has been not only consistent grow but also at least three well-traded sessions they are August 2015 growing from 113% to 140%, June 2016 rising from 506% to 565% and September 2019 up from 817% to 866% gain. 

If we are going to look at statistics we will see the next.

fxdiverse trading statistics

If you look at the detailed gain’s info: daily grow is high enough (0,13%) and the monthly one is solid too (4,12%). It’s got almost $90000 profit for 5 years. These results are very good, so, let’s take a look at drawdowns and account transparency. 

Not so big drawdowns

As you can see there were just several periods during 5 years where drawdowns were high enough. The biggest ones have been in 2015 and they never happened after. Since then, the robot has been running one smooth performing from October 2015 to the present.

fxdiverse drawdowns chart

During 38 trading months, there were just two of them where the loss has happened. They were September 2017 (-3.47%) and March 2019 (-0.04%). The robot made the main gain during the 2015-2016 years. How we can see, during the 2017-2019 years there hasn’t been the same amount of gains as in the first two years. There’s just in October 2019 8,62% monthly gain that is close to previous great results. We’ll keep tracking the data to bring you up to date about FxDiverse performing. 

fxdiverse monthly gains chart

High level of transparency

During 5 years the forex robot completed 1886 trades. 1089 (56%) of them were successful, 827 (44%) weren’t. The amount of shorts and longs won was equal (57% and 54%). It means patterns work well with both types of deals. The average trade length is 18 days. 

The data formed according to trade history shows us that losing over 20% of the account money is almost impossible.

fxdiverse myfxbook statistics

fxdiverse currency pairs traded

The trading activity, as usual, doesn’t show Open trades, Open orders, and Exposure, but we can check all traded deals in order to be sure how the robot works with different currencies. 

There’s October 2019 on the chart. The data about currencies’ structure of deals is allowed for every visitor to.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

According to the official account’s data, we say “It’s the product you can trust but with caution. We want to make certain that the robot will continuously show good results during the next months. If you’re going to buy FxDiverse we’d like to suggest you try it on a demo account in order to collect your own data and impressions. It’ll make you sure you can entrust FxDiverse real funds”.

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  1. The customer service representatives are not friendly. It was a challenge to get a hold of anybody after I had purchased this service. I do not recommend you buy this trading robot. Also, the risk is too high for the amount of return I got.