Fx Shutter Stock EA is a forex robot that is designed to work on the MT4 trading platform. The vendors invite us with their sales pitch to finally experience life the way it was meant to be; with true financial freedom. This they say, can be achieved with the help of the FX shutter stock EA which a money making forex robot.

The robot works on the H1 timeframe and trade only two currency pairs; EURCHF and AUDUSD. There is no detailed information on the trading strategy or how the robot works. The vendors claim that this robot guarantees financial freedom and provided verified trading results, but the main questions are: Can we trust this robot?

Fx Shutter Stock EA: To Trust or Not To Trust?

There are some other issues noticed with the EA which we think, make this a robot not to trust. These issues border on the following:

  • Unidentified Vendors

  • Mixed Trading Results

  • Scanty Website

  • Lack of User Reviews

  1. Unidentified Vendors

The vendors of this robot are unknown as no mention was made of the names of the creators or team members. No names, addresses or phone numbers are provided. Only one email address is provided for support purposes. The problem with anonymous vendors is that it is a very popular strategy used by the numerous forex robot scammers we have. Traders prefer fully identified vendors with ample experience in forex trading and analysis. These expert vendors have a reputation to protect and will be willing to provide assistance. Unidentified vendors can be anywhere in the world, they cannot be prosecuted or compelled by any law. They can disappear anytime and can decline to offer support with impunity.

  1. Mixed Trading Results

Trading results were provided by the vendors of this robot spanning from October 2017 till date. However, these did not show significant account growth, even though some profitability was noticed.

However, we dug deeper and found an instance of this software trading an AUD denominated account. Here is what we found:

This account showed that the FX Shutter Stock EA lost 95% of the account capital, with an unbelievable 95% drawdown. This was indeed a very poor performance and indicates that this EA is not really as good as is being touted by the vendors.

  1. Scanty Website

The official website of this robot; www.fxshutterstock.com is very scanty. It is just a simple one-page website that looks like a sales webpage commonly used by affiliate marketers. Even at that, this webpage is too scanty. There was no proper introduction, no user reviews, and no details of anything. In fact, it has no visual appeal and the quality of English Language used is just average. For a website that promises us financial freedom, the presentation and design is simply ridiculous.

  1. User Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews found for this robot. A Google search provided no user testimonials for this robot.

Conclusion: FX Shutter Stock EA is Not to be Trusted

The vendors of the Fx Shutter Stock EA chose to be anonymous. This is generally unacceptable as no one will want to part with his hard earned money dealing with an unidentified business firm. A cheap and poorly designed website to market a money-making robot hardly inspires any form of confidence. In fact, the robot is being used as an affiliate marketing tool for “IC Markets brokerage firm, which happens to be the recommended broker for the FX Shutter Stock EA! A clickable banner which leads to the broker website with their affiliate id inserted confirms this. It is obvious that the FX Shutter Stock EA team is making money by selling this product and not really by trading. Please, do not trust the Fx Shutter Stock EA.

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