FX Profits Gorilla Review

The online trading environment is littered with several forex systems, including both legitimate and fraudulent ones that should not be in circulation. Before you proceed to begin trading with any company, it is essential to research them to identify whether they are reliable and viable. This will help you to avoid the most common online forex trading pitfalls. This review is designed to help you understand how FX Profits Gorilla works and to enable you to see the company for what it is.

FX Profits Gorilla is a forex application that was created by a developer(s) under the pseudonym of Alan Anderson. Mr. Anderson claims that his automated trading system, which works based on the principles of trend trading, wave trading, or just any trading technique, will make you money regardless of your level of experience. FX Profits Gorilla works by serving up buy and sell signals automatically. It offers advanced entry, stop-loss, and take-profit functionalities, which are designed to reduce trading risks and protect traders’ incomes.

In spite of all the bold claims, however, would we recommend this trading application? Read on to find out what our response is.

FX Profits Gorilla: To Trust or Not to Trust?

FX Profits Gorilla is a software not to trust. This conclusion has been made based on certain findings about this software:

  1. Vague Profit Claims

Claims by Alan Anderson that the FX Profits Gorilla app enables people to earn as much as $2,593 on one trade even without experience are unproven and is indicative of a potential forex fraud. As with every trading activity, forex trading involves a significant risk of loss. Anderson’s claim that his program offers traders guaranteed high returns is suspect. His assertion that the app has 89.1% average win rate is equally a cheap attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting traders into parting with their hard-earned funds. There is no guarantee or warranty that the system works, especially as not much was done to provide trading results that back up these claims.

  1. Lack of Vendor Identity

The identities of the developers and vendors of this software are shrouded in secrecy. If you sort through all the forex scams happening online, one of the things that they have in common is that the creators are usually faceless. Not much else is known about Alan Anderson other than him being the creator of FX Profits Gorilla. We looked him up on Google but couldn’t find any relevant information about him; that is, if he even exists.

  1. Fake Snapshots

There is a fake Myfxbook snapshot on the home page of the FX Profits Gorilla website. This snapshot did not include the name of the software. This may as well have been taken from elsewhere.

FX Profits Gorilla

There is therefore no proof that this image is representative of trading outcomes of this software, as it omits critical information. For instance, the name of the software that should have appeared on the top left side has been cropped out. Is this something that vendors of a trusted software would do?

Conclusion: Profits Gorilla Should Not Be Trusted

Online forex trading scams are all too common. Unfortunately, this review uncovers that FX Profits Gorilla adopts many of the tricks used by fraudulent systems to steal traders’ money. Needless to say that Mr. Anderson is another bad actor on the market who is trying to sell an unproven software to members of the public.

Throughout our research, we could not find any reviews that corroborate Mr. Anderson’s claims. Based on this and the reasons identified in this review, we have decided that FX Profits Gorilla is not a forex trading system that traders should deposit their funds with. Consequently, we would recommend that market participants consider other applications with a favorable reputation.

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