FX MOWER is a forex robot that trades on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform and promises 60% monthly profit. The vendors claim that the robot is accurate and reliable, yet they provide no strategy which the robot uses to achieve these results. With claims that over five years of testing have gone into the production of this EA, the vendors promise excellent trading results for this robot. Subscribers can expect to start trading with as little as $250.

The cost of the EA is $220 for a single-user licence (one real account, three demo accounts, user manual, free updates and 24 hour support).

The major question that has to be answered is this: is the FX Mower to be trusted?

FX Mower: To Trusted or Not to Trust?

Though the EA looks good, there are however, some concerns. These are:

  • Verified Results are Not Stellar

  • Anonymous Vendors

  • Unprofessional and cheap-looking website

  • Lack of User Testimonials

  1. Less than Stellar Results

The verified results from a Euro-denominated real account show clearly that the results posted by the FXMower are not as great as the vendors of this EA have painted it to be.


Not only has the EA posted losses of up to 13.245 since April 2018, the left side of the graph shows a steep drop in profits. This can only be the result of a precipitous losing event which saw the account take a huge hit. The results also show that the EA has not been able to push the account capital back to its initial level prior to the catastrophic losing event.

It beats the imagination as to how traders would cough out $220 and have this sort of trading result posted on their accounts.

  1. Anonymous Vendors

The developers are anonymous, though there are indications that they are from Germany. They provide no address, no phone numbers and no email address. You can only contact them through the “contact us” form available on the website. Forex traders are generally uncomfortable dealing with unidentified vendors. This is not entirely surprising, as the EA has shown no promise of being able to make profits. Surely, no one will want to be identified as the face behind such a woeful product.

  1. Unprofessional Website

Their website is not elaborate enough for a company which claims such stellar results from its EA. Surely, a serious and successful forex trading company should be able to afford a better-looking website. In fact, it is just a one-page cheap website with less than 500 words. They seem to focus on the robot’s impressive test results and the service they offer. For a successful forex trading website selling a product worth $220, their website is a gross disappointment. Is it that they cannot afford a professional website? If they have been trading with FX Mower and making a profit of 60% for some months, they should be able to comfortably afford a professional website.

  1. Lack of User Testimonials

There are no user reviews for this robot, both on their website and on other major review websites. In fact, a forex trader labelled the robot as a scam. Even on their website, there are no user reviews or testimonials to show that the product works.

CONCLUSION: FX Mower Is Not to Be Trusted

From all what has been discussed above, it is very clear that the FX Mower software cannot be trusted. Vendor anonymity, a very scanty website and lack of user testimonials are definite reasons to scare forex traders away from the FX Mower robot. Therefore, we neither trust nor recommend this forex EA to forex traders.

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