The Fx Heavy Hitter is a forex indicator that is said to use advanced leverage and a large number of short-term trades to steadily increase the balance on a trading account. It is designed for the MT4 platform and works on any timeframe and on any currency pair.

The product was developed by “Dan Knight”, supposedly a 41-year old managing director of a hedge fund company in New York.

Fx Heavy Hitter

There are a lot of aspects of this EA that have provoked questions in the trading community, For instance, how effective is this indicator? Can it be trusted to deliver?

Fx Heavy Hitter: To Trust or Not to Trust?

With the story of how Dan Knight can make us rich just like himself and all the incredible claims, we went to town to investigate this EA and found some disturbing issues. Let us analyze the following problems found with this product and its vendor:

  • Trading Results

  • Stolen Identity

  • Scam Accusation

  • Negative Reviews

  • Unavailable Website

  1. Trading Results

The trading results presented by the vendor are too good to be true. It’s really insane. Imagine making a profit of $18,767.39 in one single trade that lasted 2 minutes? It is almost impossible considering the lot size, contract size and everything that is required to hit such huge profits. Dan Knight should have presented a verified trading account from a reputable source like myfxbook.com. However, he failed to do so and so his results can only be said to be unproven and questionable.

  1. Stolen Identity

The vendor of this product identifies himself as “Dan Knight”, a hedge fund manager who lives in New York. He provided his pictures but he did not leave his address or phone numbers. He only provided an email address for support purposes. Unfortunately, the picture he used was a stock picture from the internet. He used the picture of a man identified as “Shawn Wayne King.” This simply means that Dan Knight is fraudulent.

  1. Scam Accusation

Many popular websites that review forex products captioned their articles on the FX Heavy Hitter as a scam. Once a product has been labelled as a scam, many traders don’t bother spending their money to try out the product.

  1. Negative Reviews

Generally, there are mostly negative reviews of this product. Perhaps the presented trading results were just incredible to most people. Here is a negative user review found for this product:

This is from a user who bought and used the software, only to discover that this product was an unbelievable scam. There are other similar negative reviews from Forexpeacearmy and other sites. Need we say more?

  1. Unavailable Website

The official website of this product (www.fxheavyhitter.com) is no longer available. This only means that this product is now defunct.


The FX Heavy Hitter is a badly packaged scam by an unknown vendor who called himself “Dan Knight”. He stole Shawn Wayne King’s picture and was posing as a successful forex trader who made millions from forex trading. Reviewers wondered how a hedge fund manager will know so much about forex trading as to create a reliable system that works. Probably, because of the negative reviews, users refused to try out this product. So, there are no user reviews. Ultimately, the scammer must have realized this and so, abandoned the product and the website. Please, stay away from this scam called the Fx Heavy Hitter; thankfully, it is no longer available for purchase as the website is down. We hope that any website that sells such a software that cannot be trusted should stay down forever.

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