Front Runner Pip Strike Plus Review

Front Runner Pip Strike Plus is an outlandish Forex trading system in terms of the name the creators chose for it as well as the claims they’ve made about it. According to the developers, this forex trading robot is capable of generating 100-200% monthly profits consistently.

The developers themselves have chosen to remain nameless and faceless. The only information available about them is that they’re a crew of programmers and managers who’ve been practicing for over 9 years.

Front Runner Pip Strike Plus: To Trust or Not to Trust

With a price tag of a staggering $500, this system looks ridiculously overpriced. Even the content of the product’s website is sub-par as it is ridden with grammatical errors. By displaying such a poor command of English, many English-speaking traders would be turned off immediately. This definitely indicates that the product’s users will most likely have a poor consumer experience.

But that’s not the only red flag we spotted while assessing this system. There were a few others, including:

  • A lackluster website

  • Poor trading results

  • Lack of positive client feedback

We delve into greater detail to show why these points are the hallmark of scam forex robots, and why their presence with the Front Runner Pip Strike Plus EA shows that this EA is not to be trusted.

  • A lackluster website

With grammatical errors and design flaws strewn all over the place, the website content looks bungled and crude. It’s obviously an amateurish creation serving no long-term purpose. Would you trust your $500 and trading capital to a vendor that cannot take the time to correct grammatical and spelling errors on its site?

This is a tell-tale sign that this software is one of those fly-by-night forex trading software we come across at every turn. The developers have proved they’re not competent in putting up a forex trading software that inspires confidence.

  • Poor trading results

The product’s website has a section set aside for back tests. The content of this section is quite sparse, although it contains snapshots of myfxbook accounts associated with the product. The developers claim that the website has a live widget from myfxbook that publishes live trading results. However, the widget does not contain a link that takes you to where the said myfxbook account – wherein the live trading results supposedly originates – is hosted. Indeed, here is the Myfxbook snapshot showing that the software has lost money on a real account.

This proves conclusively that the Front Runner Pip Strike Plus EA is a farcical product that does not produce a cent in profits.

  • Lack of positive client feedback

There’s a total absence of customer reviews online for this product. If you’re planning to buy into this system, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be the first to get scammed and to lash out a negative review of it. One would expect a good product to have hundreds of rave reviews. However, this is not the case.

Conclusion: The Front Runner Pip Strike Plus EA Should Not be Trusted

Front Runner Pip Strike Plus cannot be trusted to produce great trading results. At $500 for a software license, it is an expensive experiment for the trader which is sure to end badly. This EA cannot be trusted. It has shown clearly in past tests that it is incapable of making profits. It would be foolhardy to trust this EA to make any money in the market.

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