The Frarelin Forex Robot is a fully automated trading system built for the MT4 trading platform. The vendors’ claim that the robot works like clockwork by generating stable profit every month without making any loss. They also claim that this robot is the best-kept secret among the masters of the game. Frarelin forex robot promises to entrench any trader into the world of successful traders.

It trades two currencies pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD. It also trades on multiple timeframes but it is best suited for the M30 timeframe. In order to show how profitable the robot is, the vendors provided a real trading account from account which was last updated in November 2017.

The basic plan costs $99 and consists of a real and a demo account, while the premium plan costs $169 and comes with 2 real and 2 demo accounts.

The most important question is: Can this robot be trusted?

Frarelin Forex Robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

There are strong indications that this robot cannot perform. Some of them are:
  • Poor Trading Results
  • Negative User Review
  • Cheap and Unprofessional Vendor Website

    Trading Results

The trading result provided by the vendors of this robot was only for 168 days which ended on the 7th of Nov. 2017 because the robot had blown the account. The myfxblue account provided is a real account funded with $2000. Within one month, the robot made steady profits and grew the account to $3411. But on one bad day, (27th Oct. 2017), the robot just blew the account reducing the balance to $25.63. Since then, the account has remained dormant and there are no signs that the robot is in use. This may be an indication that the robot used a risky strategy which got caught out when it mattered most. This also renders all their claims as being false.

  1. Lack of Vendor Identity

The vendors of this robot are unidentified as they provided no address or phone numbers. The only available means of contact is an email address. This is a popular tactic used by the many forex robot scammers that abound in the forex trading community. Generally, it is difficult to regard anonymous vendors as genuine because faceless vendors have no reputation or integrity to protect.

  1. Cheap Vendor Website

The official website ( is not elaborate enough for a serious and successful forex trading company. It is just a one-page, cheap website full of spurious claims and not much detail. For a successful forex trading company selling a product worth $169, their website should be more appealing, more detailed and professional.

  1. Negative User Reviews

Reviews provided by those who have bought a product are perhaps the best gauge of how good or bad a product is. True to our suspicions, we were able to find a few negative user reviews for this robot, as can be captured in this snapshot below.

How would anyone spend money to get a robot such as Frarelin Forex Robot, and end up with blown accounts? This is simply not good enough.


The Frarelin forex robot is a forex robot that has failed. Despite the vendors exaggerated claims, the robot blew their account. Now, there is nothing to show that the robot is still in active trading. The vendors are anonymous and users gave the robot negative reviews. So, there is every indication that this robot is the work of scammers. Please, do not trust the Frarelin forex robot.

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