Forex Third Altic Indicator Review

Forex Third Altic Indicator is a forex indicator that tells a trader when and how to place a trade on the MT4 trading platform. It uses price action analysis to determine trade opportunities. The vendor claims that it gives the most accurate alerts based on breakouts and consolidation growth, and that it works well for scalping on a 5 minute time frame. The vendor provided various charts to show the accurate performance of this indicator.

The vendor gives his name as Dominic Walsh. No other details are provided. The price tag is $37 and it can work on all currency pairs. As good as it sounds, the real questions are: Is this indicator as accurate as Dominic Walsh claims? Can a trader completely trust this indicator to direct his trading activities?

Forex Third Altic Indicator: To Trust or Not?

Though, this is just a forex indicator that places no trades, there are a few worries over Dominic Walsh and his Forex Third Altic Indicator. Some of them are:

  • Lack of Full Vendor Identity

  • No Trading History

  • No User Testimonials

  1. Full Vendor Identity

In the forex trading community, several scammers abound selling pirated or fake indicators and robots. Many traders have fallen victims to such scamming schemes and so are more inquisitive and thorough before letting go of their money to any forex product vendor. Any vendor that is not proper identified by their office address, phone numbers etc is outrightly regarded as a scammer. Dominic Walsh did not provide any of these details. There is no evidence to prove that the entity known as “Dominic Walsh” is even real.

  1. No Trading History

There is no evidence of trading with this indicator. All that was provided are the indicator signals showing how it is used and when to place trades. The chart is colour coded making it easier for beginners to use. But, what every trader wants to see is the verifiable trading history of this indicator for a satisfactory period of time. No Myfxbook account was provided and no evidence of trading was provided at all. Does that mean that Dominic Walsh is not trading forex with his perfect indicator? It will be termed “fraudulent” if he wants the trading community to buy and use his indicator while he doesn’t use it.

Forex Third Altic Indicator Review

  1. No User Testimonials

There are no user testimonials found for the Forex Third Altic Indicator. It would have been nice to see the comments of a trader that have bought and used this indicator. But unfortunately, it is not available.


Perhaps Dominic Walsh may have done a good job with his Forex Third Altic Indicator. But he should know better. In the forex community, total transparency is needed because scammers have unleashed mayhem on the community. So, verifiable trading history is important to show that a vendor has rigorously tested his indicator or robot before launching it out for sales to the public. Also, if the product is good, current trading should be seen with impressive results. This is the most convincing way to attract traders into buying a robot or indicator. Since Dominic Walsh has not done all these, he has not proved himself different from a scammer. So, our verdict is to stay away from the Forex Third Altic Indicator, as it is a software not to be trusted.

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