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In this article, I am going to consider and examine carefully all the facets of the Forex Robotron technology. I would like to tell you some epic details about the experience I’ve went through, and afterward express my own attitude towards that particular trading system. So, basically, when I came across Forex Robotron, I indeed was attracted by those “magical” numbers as they state on their website. Just give it a try and count your projected amount in their profit calculator and you’ll see that numbers are quite impressive. The point is, that I did the very same thing because the calculator, as you might see, is at the core of the website. People are interested in numbers first, right? Accordingly, it caught my eye and I began to seek for some decoys.

First and foremost, you have to purchase and download the system. It takes some time, believe me, and the set up is not that comprehensible and lucid as they depicted. You’ll have to make a few calls to install it yourself as it was difficult for me to figure out how this thing works. Mind you, that there are lots of versatile fx robot platforms that doesn’t need any downloading, where you could do it online. Now, I realize that would be much better option. Anyway, after setting up and loading some charts I started monitoring all the transactions made and the profit I was gaining. It didn’t take long for me. Yes, the statistics is very detailed and nuanced, although as for me, a newbie, I didn’t get much of that. I would rather want to see what I’ve earned, I mean my net profit, and the commision I’ve payed from my income. I was quite confused with all those numbers, calculations, drawdowns, percentage etc. Perhaps, if you are a professional, you’d relish the idea of having everything perfectly described, with scripts and charts fluctuating up and down, but I didn’t.

 Besides, for some odd reason the “Myfxbook Verified Results”

Besides, for some odd reason the “Myfxbook Verified Results” section of the sales page isn’t providing clients with links to the accounts. You can see for yourself, if you try and click on the results nothing happens. Aforementioned, you may see that Forex Robotron is hiding their trading result for devious reasons.

Forex Robotron trades on Meta Trader 4 platform with EURUSD & GPBUSD currency pair at a risk of 5% in 5 minutes(5M) time. You are to set only the size of the risk the forex robot gonna take while generating trading signals. Everything else is perfomed by robotron automatically. It goes without saying, the higher risk you take, the higher profit you gain, or in case of a failure, you may lose a certain amount of money. Every time you take a risk, there’s a chance to win a substantional amount, what will greatly satisfy you now and then. Regardless, you may hit a loss what will make you play on nerves a little. Sometimes, it reaches even 30-40% loss. Once you win, once you lose, it’s like gambling for me. Frankly, deep down I felt I might lose, and couldn’t focus on the work I was doing aloof the trading system. I did win, and I did lose. Of course, the losses do not consume all of my profit, but it takes a really significant amount. The promised 80 % winning rate is more than perfect, but it’s not guaranteed, and it is not true at all. I dare say it’d better to earn less, but be assured that your money gonna be safeguarded and returned, and at the end you gonna get the profit.

The Robotron system needs a constant updating. If you, for instance downloaded the suggested version, and then the new one came up, the vendors don’t notify you about that, you may have no profit to your account until the new update that you are obliged to install yourselves.

By the way, have you noticed that the rapid thriving of the Forex Robotron platform began fairly recently? Take a look at their monthly analytics for 2017 year. The percentage is pretty low, only once or twice in a month they reached 50%. The main website page, allegedly, allure the customers by its grids of rising red lines which show the extraordinary swift increase in income. Screenshots of FX book accounts with super winning amount without allowing us to access it ourselves only draws suspicion. If you happened to have access to their trading statisctics, you’d trust the system, but we don’t.

Now look again

Now look again, all those charts, fairy numbers, the unstable percentage of winning rates DOES NOT guarantee you anything. It all depends on you, how you roll the dices, what risk you choose to take. They don’t say a word about the fact that you may actually lose the money, but it is intended.

The Forex Robotron is not working as advertised. On the website it’s written that there’s no minimum amount required, still in the reality the minimum is 100$. On the website states “If don’t follow the instructions correctly, you cannot reach the desired goals with expected profit.” I assume, you realize on what instruction they are hinting. “If you do believe a Forex Robotron can make you thousands of dollars with absolutely zero effort from you, then you will probably never be a profitable trader!” That means, your direct involvement plays an essential role, regardless the robot anticipation.

I wouldn’t say it’s a pure scam, but it is a very dangerous and unprofitable platform that intrigues people by its high winning rate and afterwards dissapoints them with losses and mainly low profit.

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