There is a new Forex Trading Robot provider in the market, KhokonFX. They are providing 4 different types of robots which work differently. In this review, we will analyze all the 4 products and how well they are doing in the market. They are saying that they have the best software in the market, but during the visit on their about us page; I don’t think so. Because of their terrible English language. The company is located in Bangladesh and they have various customer support systems such as phone, email, Skype. They have many social media accounts to connect with them such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but even then they do not have much reputation in the Forex market.

KhokonFX Breakdown

KhokonFX Company claims that they provide powerful Expert Advisor, Forex static website, Forex signal website. They have a clear mission to provide “best and fully tested Forex Expert Advisors and good support for their customers.” Though their language was very terrible to understand, I will try to explain what they want to say. They want all traders to make a good profit with their Expert Advisors and they want to lower down the risk of losing the trades. Their company’s goal is to develop the Forex system. KhokonFX has 4 different types of Expert Advisors: 1. Angel EA v99 2. Tufan EA v10 3. Gangster EA v7.0 4. Trade Manager EA v1.0 These Expert Advisors are of different prices and all the 4 EAs have various packages from $ 49 to $999. The strategy used by the robots is not disclosed by the company. These robots work in three time frames – M5, M30 and H1 and trades on mostly all currency pairs. Out of four, three of them are trading robots and the fourth named ‘Trade Manager EAv1.0’ is an automatic account manager robot.

Trading Results

KhokonFX team provided only a few proofs of trading on their website and also they have not updated that for a long time. This doesn’t sound well. As I explored the site further, it seems like the site is fake and made by a very newbie who has no knowledge of the forex market. Their payment method is not transparent. They do not accept direct or automatic payment by credit/debit card or net banking while they prefer manual payment such as Skrill, Perfect Money, PayPal, Western Union, Neteller (they typed ‘Nettelar’, which is wrong spelling).


I explored the KhokonFX website in-depth, but there is no solid reason to tell readers that this EA site is genuine. They have no solid proofs of their trading results and they didn’t disclose their robot trading strategy. Expert Advisors are very expensive, even then developers didn’t give enough details about them. Also, their payment method is manual which is generating trust issues. KhokonFX has no name in the forex market. If the company believes that their robots are better, they should prove it by showing the results.

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