Today we are reviewing an Expert Advisor, Forex Profitable EA. Developers of the forex trading robot claim that the trading system provides profits of 200% constantly per month. This sounds too good to be true but I feel that there is something we are missing here because it is very difficult for developers to provide an automated software which achieves the numbers being promoted on the sales page. On the website, there is no information given about the creators of the software. Location of the company is not given so how can we start building trust on this. Also, there is no trading history in the forex market. There are some rumours that developer of this Expert Advisor is same that is behind the KhokonFX system, which is created by “Lr Khokon”. The website has a support system with email and Skype.  

Forex Profitable EA review

On the website, creators of the robot did not provide sufficient information about the software. It is given that software can work with any currency pair and it is built for beginners to start with as little as $100. This vague information doesn’t clear anything to me. There is a feature in the system for setting ‘trend sensitivity’, which allows traders to specify how sensitive the expert advisor should react to the movements of trends.   Although they are saying that this software is for beginners but the feature what they are talking about (i.e. trend sensitivity) does counteract this thing. Because changing the sensitivity of the system according to the trend means modifying the whole strategy. Forex market itself a challenge for beginners and then modifying the strategy of the Expert Advisor to make it work doesn’t sound good for a newbie. Traders can also specify the times in which the EA operates, and there is additionally an unreasonable framework highlight yet this isn’t clarified. There is next to no disclosed with regards to the product, and keeping in mind that it may include some feeling of the puzzle, in my eyes, it’s a warning.


Price of the EA is $199 per year. While the strategy used here is undisclosed. Also, the timeframe used by EA in trading is undisclosed. Developers tell that robot supports all currency pairs. Oddly enough, the Forex Profitable EA team does not give us any sufficient information about the methodology, time period or sets that it exchanges. At the point when these sorts of subtle elements are forgotten, it’s again another warning.   All the packages here provide the exact same software, the only difference is the amount of license provided. Starting at $199 for one license, and going all the way to $599 for unlimited licenses. On the website, there is a screenshot of Myfxbook account which shows a gain of over 200,000% from April 21st to September 1st, 2017. But the image is not clickable. Possibly that this account no longer exists, or crashed.   I read many feedbacks from the client, all of them were negative. The majority of the complaints are about large upsells that require traders buying into expensive virtual private servers that were never discussed upfront.  


With the whole review, I came to this point that this Expert Advisor is neither right for beginners nor for expert traders. As the strategy, timeframes etc. are undisclosed. So there is no meaning to invest few hundred dollars in a software which has nothing to show on the sales page. Be very careful in your pursuit of this robot, and do your best to avoid it until the developer can provide more clarity and information.  

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