Forex Quant EA Review

Forex Quant EA is a very powerful FX Expert Advisor that has been created by a serious group of forex robot developers. It is a set & forget automated trading system. The developers of the system claim that they’ve trapped into a genius neural net development strategy that has helped them to put together a unique algorithm.

The developer also says that, Forex Quant is successful due to its Dynamic Trading Logic, unique protection & mechanism from price reversals, profit protection system & a self-updating algorithm that never stops learning. All these statements comes out more like mumbo-jumbo, so, I therefore want to dig deeper to find out if these highly technical guys can give us an elaborate answer with proof that it can make profits. They claim that this innovative strategy is developed by a forex trader with 10 years of experience, but we aren’t introduced to the creators of Forex Quant EA.I hope, over time the creators of this robot will provide us with more information so that we can gain more confidence about it.


Features :

  • Type: Forex Robot

  • Price: $199

  • Strategy: Undisclosed

  • Timeframe: M15

  • Multiple licenses


  • Fully automated

  • Full support

  • Free updates

  • Any account size

  • Money back guarantee

Forex Quant EA

It trades on 15 minute time frame & opens multiple trades during the week.So , it is definitely a scalping system. For $199, traders get access to the Forex Quant EA, as well as a bonus Asian scalper which uses a range breakout strategy to scalp the markets when they are the quietest.

How it works :

It uses “NAMA algorithm”

what makes it unique. It utilizes money management & trades multiple currencies. According to the sales page,

the system consists of over 5000 lines of code

, trades frequently and focuses on being as precise as possible. I couldn’t find anything in depth on the trade logic in their website. It analyzes & determines the price direction for the next couple hours or days. It allows you to trade with specified risks & desirable profitability. For 0.01 lot size minimal deposit can be from $100.

The creators of this software guarantee a high success rate of 82.2%.

My fx book Results

Currently the vendor is providing us with a single my FX book account that is been running since early August. During this short period of time

, the software has gained just over 40% while accumulating a drawdown of just over 20%

. It’s difficult to decipher the longevity of this trading system, as The sample size is still very small but what we do see so far does give us hope that there is potential here.

The risk reward ratio is solid with the average Forex Quant EA win being 18 pips, and the average loss being 17 pips

. The average trade length is over 15 hours, so you can expect trades to be held open for significant periods of time. I don’t really find much negative points to be set at this point in time.

The trading results look impressive, but they need at least 3 more months of testing before we can start to take this seriously. Sample size is always very important when it comes to Forex expert advisors, because strategies can be built to match current market conditions easily.

Client feedback


Seems like Forex Quant EA has very good potential & it can guarantee us with tidy profits if we can use it sensibly. It is fully customizable for advanced forex traders & it is also ready to use straight out of the box for beginners. It is appealing that it provides us with 60 day money back guarantee. Moreover we can always run it on a demo account to test the water .It even includes a tidy little bonus in the form of an Asian Scalper which we could have some fun with. Other than anonymous developer I didn’t find anything else negative or to be suspicious of. So I think we can give it a try.

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