Forex Profit Signal Review

Forex profit signal is a forex trading service that promises 100 pips every two days. It has been around for the last 8 years now. They offer different packages which they think will suit every trader’s needs in the market. They claim that they are opposed to get rich quick schemes “unrealistic sales pitches & shady brokers”. They also claim that they’re opposed to working or recommending rogue brokers to their followers. They provide traders with reliable trading signals based on a trade logic that utilizes a long term approach. It’s appealing that they have been around for quite some time now.I couldn’t know much about the developer & where the company is located. But, in order to get in touch with them the traders can email Looking at the front page of their website, we can see their different payment methods, some daily performance numbers & some previous signals. Forex Profit SignalThey claim that they serve a global service. But, considering this fact it becomes unclear which time zone they are basing their signals on. So, it’s a major issue that is difficult to analyze the last signals due to time zone & it’s not even discussed on the site. We can also see that forex profit signal doesn’t update their signals on daily basis.


  • Type: Forex Signal
  • Price: $50/monthly
  • Strategy: Swing Trading
  • Timeframe: Not Required
  • 24/7 support
Forex SignalTraders can access the Forex Profit Signal service on a trial basis which costs $9 per week, or on a premium basis which goes for $120 per 3 months. If traders want access to SMS alerts, it is an additional $20 per month.

Results and Community Feedback

At this point in time, I couldn’t find much information about this service. Moreover I found services with a similar name. There are quite a few reviews on Profit-Forex Signals, and Profit FX Signal, but nothing on Forex Profit Signal. With that being said, the developers should have named their product something less obvious to avoid this confusion. In terms of the results, the vendor provides a daily performance graph and a monthly performance graph. Results and Community FeedbackThese images show trading results based on the pair and the total profit in pips. It is surprising that they do not show a single losing month. The average month is between 200 to 400 pips in profit. Show trading resultsThese results are certainly impressive. But there is no history of trades. Moreover there is also no way of verifying any of these statistics we are being provided. The vendor could easily be inputting these numbers personally, which means there is really no proof.


Features & working strategy of Forex Profit Signal sounds pretty amazing. But with the provided results, it is very difficult for me to judge a system like the Forex Profit Signal. I don’t understand why a vendor like this should be relying on a couple of performance graphs to show the trading results especially in 2018. We should be getting access to full trading statements, and results hosted on independent third-party service like my FX book. With all that being said, I don’t think I want to test this service now. I would rather like to wait for positive client feedback & trading results.

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