The Forex MetroBot is a forex Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MT4 trading platform by Rita Lasker and she promises 85% success rate. It is conspicuously written on the website that “Forex MetroBot is designed to solve all your problems and make your dreams come true.” It is best suited for the M15 timeframe and trades all currency pairs.

The robot uses a unique algorithm to place trades automatically and ensure safety by closing trades when the market changes. In fact, it is boldly stated that this robot made a profit of $16,757.90 after trading for one month.

The Forex MetroBot is available for a discounted fee of $99 from the original cost of $329. The major question is: should we believe her claims and trust this robot? We will take a closer look to find out if this robot is the best of all just as she asserted.

Forex MetroBot: To trust or Not to Trust?

Rita Lasker always claim incredible performances from her robots. However, let us look at some issues that cast doubts on her claims.

  • No Trading Results

  • Unprofessional Website and Sales Style

  • User Testimonials

  1. Lack of Actual Trading Results

Rita Lasker states clearly that she and her company “Green Forest Group” are against back testing because it may not represent actual testing. So, she prefers showing latest results of forward testing. But, this is a flawed argument among the trading community. Several free robots perform well within the first few months and then blow up the accounts. So, showing only one month of trading results is not enough. Besides, the trading results shown are only screenshots from unknown sources. Forex traders prefer verified trading results from credible sources. Screenshots cannot be verified and therefore, it is totally unacceptable.

  1. Unprofessional Website

Rita Lasker keeps using similar one-page websites that looks like a marketing page commonly used by online marketers. The website of this robot ( is no exception. This is strange especially for a robot that made thousands of dollars within a month. If the robot is making so much, why can’t she hire the services of a professional web designer to improve credibility and visual appeal?

Furthermore, it seems that Rita Lasker has been ticking off the FPA crew by spamming their threads with her robot ads:

This is not the first time she has been warned to stop spamming the site, but it seems that she just cannot shed off her unscrupulous practices.

  1. Vendor’s Style

Rita Lasker’s style is tantamount to that of a scammer. First of all, she uses a pseudonym which is not her real name. Her marketing style remains the same unprofessional method. The same one-page website with outrageous claims, one month screenshot, bonuses, and limited discount periods. This time around she is offering 2 bonuses strictly for the first 300 customers. She insists that after 48hours, the price goes back to $329 and the bonuses will no longer be available. These are all marketing gimmicks and blatant lies. The discount period never ends.

  1. No User Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no user testimonials found for this robot. Perhaps, traders are not willing to patronise Rita Lasker and her robot, or some are too ashamed to come out publicly with their bad results. If this EA delivered all the profits it claims it makes, then surely someone somewhere would have come out to say so.

Conclusion: Forex Metrobot is Not to Be Trusted

The Forex MetroBot is just like other robots from Rita Lasker and her Green Forest Group. She claims that the robot makes thousands of dollars every month, yet, cannot prove it. She uses similar websites to promote her robots which have no user testimonials. Please, stay from this robot as it is nothing but a scam.

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