Forex Major BOT Review

The Forex Major BOT is a forex robot designed to work with the MT4 trading platform. It is believed to be capable of providing stable income for the trader automatically. It operates on the H1 timeframe and trades two currency pairs (EURUSD and USDJPY). The exact trading strategy of this robot is not stated but the vendor claims that it made $12,173.40 within 3 days of trading. The only evidence attached is the screenshot below.

Forex Major BOT

Forex Major BOT is developed Anna ‘Forex’ Monti. She is a Swiss robot expert that has about 9 forex robots. She claims that she took time to study the market feedbacks in order to know exactly what traders wanted. So, she found out that traders need safety and made sure that she delivers exactly what traders wanted on the Forex Major BOT.

The robot is priced at $99. The begging questions are: Has Anna Monti finally delivered a perfect robot? Can this robot be trusted?

Forex Major BOT: To Trust or Not to Trust?

No matter how convincing Anna Monti sounds in her argument, there are some irregularities found with this robot that points to the fact that this robot cannot be trusted. They are:

  • No Verified Trading Results

  • Developer Identity Unknown

  • Previous Scam Allegations

  • No User Testimonials

No Verified Trading Results

Anna Monti only presented a screenshot of the trades placed by the robot. That is totally unacceptable to the forex trading community as it does not prove anything. The surest way to prove the efficacy of a robot is to provide verified trading results for a period of time. The trading community expects to see evidence of rigorous back testing as well as current trading. When we checked Myfxbook, all we saw was this:

Rendering trade history private may not seem like much, but it sure does not look transparent.

  1. Anonymous Developer

Anna Monti did not disclose her full contact address and phone numbers. She only provided an email address for support. A little research shows that she has other websites and in one of her websites (, she reveals that Anna ‘Forex’ Monti is a pseudonym. So, we can say that the vendor of the Forex Major BOT is anonymous. That is another problematic scenario for the forex trading community. There are so many scammers who are anonymous that any anonymous robot vendor is usually tagged a scammer until proven otherwise.

  1. Previous Scam Allegations

The vendor of this robot has been selling other robots before coming up with this Forex Major BOT. Reviewers have labelled her as a scammer in the past. This is a problem because nobody wants to give his hard earned money to a vendor that has a stained reputation.

  1. No User Testimonials

No user reviews or testimonials from traders were found for this robot. It would have been nice to read from traders that have bought and used this robot. Without any real reviews from actual users who paid money for this product, it makes it difficult to gauge the performance of the robot in real time.

Conclusion: Forex Major Bot Is Not to Be Trusted

The developer of this Forex Major BOT has all the attributes of a scammer. What is the wisdom of hiding trade results and identity with a pseudonym if you have a working product? Why was Anna unable to produce verified trading results? Everything points to the fact that this robot cannot not be trusted.

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